Dec 21, 2017

10 amazing Japanese Interiors and Designs

Among my new year resolutions there is a travel to Japan. Let’s see if I will be able to keep it.

By now let’s just virtually travel with some beautiful Japanese interiors and design projects selected from the A’Design Award winners.

A’ Design Award & Competition is the world’s largest annual juried design competition, founded in 2009 with the aim to recognise and promote international design projects.

A’ Design Award aim is to promote and recognise the best of design from all countries and in all creative disciplines. Design categories are over 110, ranging in every field of design. Registrations for the A’Design Award 2018 edition are open: make sure you have a look to the design categories here and find your own category to apply for.

Enjoy my selection of Japanese interiors and design today on the blog.

7 Amazing Japanese interiors and designs

Old House in Wabi-Sabi House

by Soar Design Studio

In Japanese, Wabi-Sabi means to get rid of the unnecessary, and to pursue essence of nature. It doesn’t mean to change its origin. It means to make it pure and insert vitality. The project use simple and natural tactics to retain the concept of tradition to extol the retention of irregularities and appreciate the performance of essence which brings peaceful. This could bring out the inner soul.


Traditional festival in Japan Gift towel package

by Yuta Takahashi & Calligrapher Mami

The packaging inspires to the paulownia box which is used to store various things from ancient times in Japan. The tung has been used for high-grade furniture since a long time ago because it has the property of being dampproofness, fire retardant and resistant to decay. Also, Japanese have an unique tradition that a calligrapher signs that box. This packaging interpreted this in a contemporary thinking and thought whether to could make a novel design.

Ocean Chapel

by Atsuhiko Sugiyama

The idea of a space that functions as a wedding hall to spend an extraordinary moment for once in a lifetime is materialized in a space that gives a feeling of ‘buoyancy’, free from “gravity”. Because it was designed in such a way that we may feel as if we stand at the bottom of the ocean, when we look up, there is an illusion of being sucked up to the surface of the sea. Ocean is the overall theme of this place.

Yakiniku Restaurant NIKUNOTORIKO Restaurant

by Ryoji Iedokoro

BBQ, where eating takes place with special friends in the nature, makes eating more delicious, fun and memorable. By imagining so, with more humanlike instinct and feeling, the interior design have made the image of comfortable space surrounded by the trees on the riverside, and sometimes in the cave to avoid rain and wind. Design cannot help but tend to depend on visual information only, but with touch and mind added, it will be carved into memory.

Seasonal Colors Memo pad set

by Katsumi Tamura

The Seasonal Colors is a set of memo pads in four colors inspired by cherry, olive, ginkgo, and maple leaves. Both the cover and the note paper are colored. Leaf silhouettes on the cover and packaging add an elegant design accent.

Life is Flower Porcelain Artwork

by Yasumichi Morita, GLAMOROUS co.,ltd.

Life is Flower is an artistic exercise conceived by the Japanese designer Yasumichi Morita for Lladró. It displays its mysterious and everlasting beauty thanks to the sophisticated techniques and skills of a Lladró creation with an amazing variety of porcelain flowers. With over 500 flowers in different tones of blue and handmade petal by petal by artists at Lladró, Life is Flower is a limited edition of 100 pieces in this decoration.

Kawaii – Cute Cramming School

by Tetsuya Matsumoto

The form of the Kawai pentagonal ‘houses’ are inspired from the openings in the world heritage Himeji castle, namely ‘SAMA’ in Japanese. SAMA is shooting openings in the castle walls for bows and guns. Their form is matching the cute simple houses drawn by children. The surrounding area of this cramming school is punctuated with girls’ schools. This Design uses a pentagonal shape referring to the gabled roof houses commonly drawn in children’s picture books and makes them in a raw visible through the transparent facade from the shopping street.

Hitotaba Lamp

by Shinn Asano

The Sen furniture series, including the Hitotaba lamp, was inspired by the unique aspects of traditional Japanese craft, patterns, hieroglyphs and nuances. It also has been created with lines that minimize excess to express both form and functionality

Kirin Natural Mineral Water Bottled water package

by Kota Sagae

Recently, bottled water is consumed every day but heavy to carry. Because of that, many people buy bulk through the internet. However, in order to appeal to consumers, bottled packages often carry strong ad opinions and after purchase, did not harmonize with living space. So this concept of packaging design create the harmony with interior and fashion. This is a bottled water product sold only on an e-commerce site.


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