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10 Easy Ways to Get Interior Design Ideas for Your Home

||| A guest post by Mary Lewis

If you love interior design as much as I do you are always on the lookout for new ideas. I know that is why many of you visit the interior design tips and trends sections of this website. With this post I’m giving you some ideas to find inspiration for interior and design , sure that some of the sources will surprise you.

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1 | Home staging companies

Firms like that specialize in home staging are an excellent source of inspiration. The nature of their business means that they have to stay up to date when it comes to interior design. They need to reflect the changing tastes of people to be able to dress the properties that they manage appropriately. The best ones at present are for sure Scandinavian companies, for both home staging and real estate (already mentioned in this post about the best sources for interior bloggers, remember?)

Kungsgatan 7B


2 | Your travels

I love travelling. My work takes me to many different countries and I travel regularly for leisure. When I do, I always try to find somewhere unusual to stay. Over the years, I have been lucky enough to stay in numerous design hotels, as well as some lovely renovated and converted buildings like the ancient windmill I stayed in while in Greece.

When you travel you always see something new and different. Often, the ideas you pick up while travelling abroad can often be adapted to work in your own home. So, next time something catches your eye be sure to take plenty of photos!

image ©italianbark

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3 | Restaurants and bars

Sometimes you can pick up interesting ideas when visiting bars, restaurants and clubs. This is particularly the case when they are privately run. You can get ideas from chain restaurants and bars. However, they do tend to all be decorated in a similar style, so the number of ideas you will get from these establishments is limited.


El Moro, Mexico via

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4 | Other people´s homes

It is always interesting to see how friends and family decorate their homes. Most people will be really pleased you like their home and be only too happy to tell you where they bought the items that you are admiring. Of course, design bloggers’ homes are the best and I always love to have a peek, even if just virtually, in their restyling and renovations.


Malin Persson home, ph. Petra Bindel via

5 | TV and films

Films and TV shows are great sources of inspiration. If you want to recreate the look of a particular era, films that were made during the relevant period are an especially good source of inspiration. Also TV series are a great source of inspiration!


6 | Works of art and Nature

Paintings and sculptures are also potentially good sources of inspiration. You can use them in the same way you do TV shows and movies. The shapes and colours used can also inspire you.

Nature can also be avery good source of inspiration: the next time you go for a walk take the time to pause. Take notice of the mix of colours and textures. You will be surprised at how inspiring nature can be and how many ideas you get while enjoying the great outdoors work in your home.

image ©italianbark

7 | Samples and swatches

Discovering new combinations of colours and textures is always interesting, but you will only make new discoveries by exploring. Try collecting fabric swatches, paint sample slips, interesting shaped leaves or sticks and small items that have a special texture or shape and putting them in a box.

After a few weeks, get them out and start mixing and matching them to see which colours, shapes and textures look good together: doing a tactile moodboard is a great and fun way to do this! You will be surprised how this simple, almost childlike, exercise stimulates your creativity. Seeing things in a different way is key to coming up with new interior design ideas.


Brickworks via


8 | YouTube

YouTube is at present a huge, constantly updated source of ideas and inspiration. It is well worth subscribing to a few of the interior design feeds provided by stores, designers and hobbyists. Lots of diys, tips and inspirations can be found in the video!

I would like to learn more from you: what are your favourite interior&design channels on YouTube?

9 | Old interior design magazines

Not just the new interior and design magazines listed for example in this post can be a good source for interior inspiration. If you are lucky enough to come across a couple of really old home design magazines, while waiting to see your dentist or doctor, take a look.

You will be surprised at how inspiring they can be. If the magazines are old enough you will see home decor styles that are new to you. So never throw away interior and design magazines, that’s the rule!


image ©italianbark

||| About the Author

Mary Lewis’s loves interiors and home decor as much as travelling. With a focus on creating a stylish without spending a fortune, Mary’s always on the lookout for new ideas to bring some fresh air to your home.