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10 inspiring African style ideas for your bedroom

Your bedroom is most probably is the very first space you have ever decorated

It has been the only environment where you had a certain amount of authority and that, as soon as you could,  you started filling with items and posters to express your personality and passions, to make it YOUR place, a nest that you adored and where you felt at ease. 

That was my case for sure and today not that much has changed in the way I intend this part of the house: a personal sanctuary that reflects my taste and personality, a peaceful retreat where to find comfort and inner calm. 

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Living in Africa and being a big fan of local handcrafts, it won’t surprise you to know that this part of my house has a clear and evident African touch.  An ensemble of hand made pieces and decors that, properly mixed with other more western style items, contributes to recreate that classic, timeless and earthy atmosphere that I love so much. 

If you too are an African Interiors enthusiast and on the look out for some fabulous inspirations to style or refresh your bedroom, keep reading and get charmed by these 10 amazing African style ideas to decorate with style.


10 African style ideas for your bedroom



Earthy colour palette 


The most typical African style palette includes warm hues of ochre, terracotta, brown, deep gold and orange.

All of these tones are vibrant and intense; picking up just a couple of them will give to your room a strong African imprint, serving also as an excellent base for other ethnic elements you may want to add. 


Warm and intense tones for a cosy African atmosphere Credits – Credits



African inspired ideas for your bedroom: canopy beds 

Besides being a vital shelter from insects and mosquitoes, canopy beds have an indisputable chic allure and playing with curtains you may accentuate that overall beloved colonial atmosphere.  

An ageless and stylish grace  – Credits



African local fabrics and textiles 

The delicate handmade bogolans and pagnes tissés, the robust Kuba and the colourful wax textiles from West Africa: all of them are beautiful in their unique way and can become real protagonists in your bedroom, as a set of bed linens, throws or pillows.   


These gorgeous handmade fabrics and textiles can really transform your bedroom _ Credits Credits – Credits  



Decorate with Juju hats

Stunning and original as they are, hung on walls these tribal hats from Cameroon covered in coloured feathers will definitely make their impression!


Juju hats are such an original solution for your walls  – Credits



Decorate with raffia elements

Everything in raffia says ethno-chic: from baskets to chairs, such as the beautiful ones from Malawi,  to rugs and lampshades. 


This humble natural material is so evocative of African atmospheres – Credits 



(Faux) animal rugs

Zebra or cowhides can not just miss in an African style bedroom. The wild effect is guaranteed, if you go faux animal rugs too (and we hope so!).


Loved or hated, animal rugs are such a gripping decor ! Credits



African style ideas for your bedroom: Woodcrafts 

There is such a variety of gorgeous African carved wood pieces that you will be just spoiled for choice!


Carved benches and stools are so beautiful and representative of African handcraft – Credits: Bamileke 



Thematic paintings 

Not all of them are necessarily “made in Africa”, but a couple of thematic paintings or pictures, strategically placed on walls or shelves, can definitely help to accentuate your sought after African atmosphere. 


An additional touch to the overall African mood – Credits 



Some single African stunning pieces

You can also choose to have one or a couple of amazing and original items that can become an accent point in your room.

An example? The incredible Yoruba chairs from Nigeria, covered by thousands of tiny hand waved beads. 


Just a single original and amazing piece can communicate so much – Credits  



Don’t forget plants!

And why not recreating a sort of jungle effect adding lush plants around, especially if placed in beautiful raffia baskets? 


With nice plants around you can’t just go wrong!  – Credits


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