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10 Pieces of Furniture with Built in Wireless Charging for iPhone X

|| A guest post by Emily Helwig


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Make a dying battery a thing of the past. Startups as well as major companies are making pieces of furniture with built in wireless charging for iPhone X and other devices.

You can set your phone down on your normal side table, lamp, or laptop table and it’ll instantly start charging. Isn’t the future of technology awesome? Forget unsightly and annoying cords. Innovation is slowly creating a world where we can say “bye bye” to tangles.

Though there are a bunch of furniture pieces that are in the Indiegogo process and haven’t been created yet, we wanted to make a list of the pieces of furniture with built in wireless charging for iPhone X available right now.

Read on and pick your favorite!



  1. Selje Charging Table


IKEA is one of the leading brands paving the way for wireless furniture cell phone charging technology. Lucky us, because they have some of the cutest options for home goods!

If you make this your nightstand, you’ll can sleep assured that you’re phone is getting charged. The IKEA SELJI table is a simple table that goes with many styles.

Simply set it and forget it, meaning you can just set your phone down on the table and get your phone charged (check here for IKEA promo codes, also here).


  1. RIGGAD Charging Lamp


A lamp that charges? Yes, it’s real.

So if you’re nightstand doesn’t charge your iPhone X for you, your lamp will. The RIGGAD Charging Lamp, also from IKEA, is a simple and works for all ages.

The light source is LED and uses “85% less energy and lasts 20 times longer than incandescent bulbs.” Awesome!

No need to make sure your phone is plugged in for the night. Simply turn off the light, set the phone down, and sleep tight.


  1. Ampulla Charging Lamp


Here’s another lamp for the list. The Ampulla Charging Lamp from Amazon is a unique one, offering high tech along with a lovely home lamp.

You think it looks cool now. Wait until it’s lit up.

The stunning silver branches compliment the comforting glow of the lamp. Unlike the simple and modern look of the IKEA lamp, this lamp is an unusual eye-catcher. Plus, you can find Amazon discounts here and here.


  1. aircharge Wooden Tray


If you need a nice tray for your home, why not make it double as an iPhone X charger? The aircharge Wooden Tray is a place for your glasses, wallet, or anything else along with a spot for your iPhone.

This quality piece is made from genuine oak, so you’re getting quality along with convenience. Keep it by your bed, in the kitchen, or on the coffee table for a quick charge whenever you need it.


  1. Sierra Modern Home Smart Table


Get rid of wires and other unsightly charging devices in your home and choose the Sierra Modern Home Smart Table, from Amazon.

Match the dark wood and midcentury style of your home with this piece that will not only look nice, but it’ll charge your phone in no time.

The table is made from gorgeous walnut wood and stylish grey heather fabric. It’s a great piece of furniture for those who don’t want to sacrifice style for high tech home goods.


  1. Wooden Portable Speaker with Charger


To keep the wood trend going, the Wooden Portable Speaker from eBay is a cool way to get more use out of your speaker. Plus, eBay sometimes offers discounts here or here.

Charge your iPhone X easily with this cute wood box.

  1. FurniQui Wireless Charging Table


It looks like a simple wooden table, but it’s so much more. The FurniQui Wireless Charging Table from Amazon is an high tech table incognito.

This neat side table is “marked with a subtle laser engraving” as the place you set your iPhone down to charge.

This no-nonsense charging table is ideal for a minimalist home. It can be a challenge to make a high tech house sparse, but it’s possible with a product like this.


  1. Mahogany Cocktail Table


If you’re more into mahogany, this Mahogany Cocktail Table from Displays2Go will fit easily into the rest of your interior design (plus, get 10% off promo codes for Displays2Go here and here.

This table is a little more socially creative. They’re made for a bar type of business, but if you host parties or have a pool table room, this is the kind of table you need.

This table is made for standing or high chairs. Take a look underneath and you’ll see coat hanging hooks for your guests.

Think of this table when you’re refurbishing or setting up your cool downstairs hangout.


  1. Shryrock Wireless Marble Table


Perhaps marble is more in tune with what you’re style is. The Shryrock Wireless Marble Table is an exquisite, timeless, yet totally in trend table that happens to charge your iPhone X.

This charming table is one of the best pieces of furniture with built in wireless charging for iPhone X. You’d never guess it was high tech, only that it is so cute.

Grab this unassuming side table from Wayfair, and put it anywhere in the house – they always offer free shipping discounts (here, here).


  1. Woody Wireless Charger


The last product is the Woody Wireless Charger, from eBay. It’s a laptop table that doubles as a phone charger. This item lifts your laptop as well as your green bar.

This unique piece is smooth and cool. It charges any Qi compatible phone, which includes the iPhone X. QI is technology that uses inductive charging at close distances. But all you have to know is that it works! The discreet wireless charger monitor and laptop lifter fits anywhere on your desk.


Get Charged

Choose any of these pieces of furniture with built in wireless charging for iPhone X, and you’ll never have to worry about a dead phone again. In the years to come, there will be even more styles choices and market competition for wireless charging furniture!


|| About the Author

Emily Helwig is the Digital Marketing Manager at Dealspotr, a social platform for shoppers and influencers to connect with brands around today’s best deals. She is responsible for cultivating and growing the platform’s community of lifestyle influencers and online shoppers. Emily also oversees content marketing, social media marketing, and PR for Dealspotr. Prior to joining ZipfWorks, Emily helped cast television shows for MTV and The History Channel. Emily holds a degree in Journalism from Ithaca College, and loves music and whiskey.