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10+ things about myself… Liebster Award part 1

A Liebster Award is given by one blogger to another blogger whose work you like, Liebster comes from the German word for favourite or beloved.And I’m so happy that the nomination arrived from an UK blog that I really like, NyLon Living… thanks Shobha for nominating Italian Bark among your fav blogs!
It’s a also funny way to tell something more about myself
(actually I almost never do this on my blog!) and also to suggest you other great blogs I love.

So, here something more about me…

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©Elisabetta Rizzato
What’s your favourite city in the world?
London. I love London and I feel nostalgic about when I used to live there…
but actually when I was there I felt nostalagic about Venice.
So maybe, I have to answer with two cities: London and Venice.
They are completely different but I love both of them: one for its way of life, its cross-cultural population, its dynamism…the other simply for its beauty, and for each corner of it, it’s incredible,

I‘ve been there million of times, but I always find something new to love!


©Elisabetta Rizzato
What is a favourite childhood memory?
All my favourite childwood memories come from the countryside where I’ve grown.
Definetely the favourite ones are the long afternoons spent playing outside in the big garden!
That’s maybe why now I love staying in the open air and I’m so frustrated about working in a office!!!
(but you can’t be forever a child, do you?)


If you won the lottery, what would you do?
No doubt. I would travel the whole world. From Australia to Alaska, from Bahli to the Andes…

oh no don’t make me think about this, I’m already travelling with my mind!!


©Elisabetta Rizzato
What’s your favourite room in your house?
It’s my living. I live in a small house and this is the bigger room,
which I can decorate with all the unusual objects and souvenirs from my travels,
as I enjoy having objects which remind me of the places I visit


©Elisabetta Rizzato
In a fire, what is the one possession you would save?
All my blocks, diaries and notebooks from past years…
because you cannot buy them again and there’s so much work on them!!

How have you changed in the last 10 years?
Well, I’ve changed a lot in the last ten years…but the most relevant thing I’ve noticed it that ten years ago, when I was twenty, I used to care so much about what people thought about me as to influence
also some of mine behaviors and decisions…
Now I feel much more indipendent, maybe stronger and with clearer ideas, so I do things for what I think,

what I love and what I feel better for my future!


What’s the one thing you never leave home without?
My Iphone. Definetely. Everytime I use it (so….like one hundred times a day ;P)
I think about how great inventions can change your life in a positive way!


What’s the one temptation you can not resist?
Pizza! I should avoid from eating it but I just can’t.
I could be able to dinner every evening with a coke and a pizza for all my life 🙂


Choose 3 words to describe your personality.
Imaginative, Listener, Indipendent


Illustration by Omar Noory via
Tell me a funny joke (not rude, please).
Trick or treat?
This joke exist also in Italy but we call it “Dolcetto o scherzetto?”



My list of blogs for Liebster award:

un due tre…Ilaria | an inspiring blog of an Italian living in France
finding dutchland | a beautiful blog of an American living in the Netherlands
museum diary | a very original collection of museums from the world
the fifth side | a space for different ideas about creativity,life,business
rustic tastefulness | handcraft and art by a Russian living in the Netherlands | a Danish blog about design
arscity | an Italian blog about interiors,art,architecture
maisonLab | Italian source for interiors and inspirations
design-outfit | ideas for “dressing” your home
CABB design | made in Italy, craftmanship, design and creative ideas

So, that’s what you have to do in order to accept the Liebster Award
1. Answer the ten following questions
2. Choose some other bloggers to receive the Liebster Award, and tell them
3. Create ten questions for the nominees to answer
These are my questions:
1. Summer or winter?
2. Where have you born, where do you live now and where you would like to grow old
3. The best moment of this year
4. Your favourite object in your home
5. The film you have seen more times
6. The place in the world you absolutely have to visit
7. What’s your favourite among the blog posts you have written?
8. Three words for describing yourself
9. What’s the style of your home?
10. What was your bigger dream when you were a child?

Hope you will have fun in talking a little bit about yourself as I did, and look forward for reading your answers!