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40 things about myself



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1. I’m perseverant, even if I do not believe I’m a stubborn one!

2. I love to good off. Many things I say are just for joking around…even if sometimes I can be very sarcastic and just smart ones understand it

3 Public speaking is one of my worst nightmares

4 Do not talk a lot, but I listen carefully. When I talk, I use to be very concise, hate to say things again

5 I still blush, sometimes. When I was younger I used to blush, A-L-O-T

6 No way, I’m not good in sports at all. Almost can’t swim and believe I’m just no able to run for more than three minutes. But I can ride a bicycle for hours. And can dance with music loud for a night long

7 I’ve a white spot around my left eye. If I do not make up!

8 I love travelling. But I hate packing. It makes me so nervous, I always want to travel light but never can choose right outfits

9 I’m quite obsessed with neaten. But can be very messy sometimes

10 I’m a Gemini and I get bored easily. But I’m a Libra ascending…and a meticulous person (even if I’m too impatient for being a real meticulous one)

11 I live in Treviso. A walk in Venice is one of my antidote against moody days

12 I’ve lived in London, and still dream of living there again. I’ve lived in Paris, and believe it’s ok for holidays.

13 I dream of designing my own small (wooden) house,in the countryside. In the future!

14 Really detest staying at home when outside it’s sunny.. and really hate to stay outdoor when it’s raining.

15 I love to spend time alone…

16 I hate to spend time just doing nothing. If you find me asleep on a couch in the afternoon probably it’s because I’ve a bad flu

17 I always sleep with my earplugs, even if there’s absolutely no noise…And I can’t sleep if it’s not absolutely dark!

18 Love mountains in summer… And love mountains in winter

19 Love seaside at summer…And hate it at winter

20 I heart Christmas. And summer. Maybe, I just love holidays?

21 I’m bad at taking compliments, I get embarassed by them. I’m also very cautious and I always evaluate if they’re honest or not… I’ve learnt that many times people congratulate with yourself just because they want someting else from you then. Such a bad thing!

22 I have a sixth sense towards people, and this almost always determines my behaviour with them. Usually, if I do not get along at first sight, it’s difficult to change my mind

23 Just hate all those who never say thanks and please. I believe in kindness, even if I can transform in a really rude one if you are rude with me

24 I can’s stand when people makes things more difficult that they need to be. And those who love to create troubles from nothing

25 I love colours. But love white as well. Sometimes feel I could always wear just in black…really, do not know what I like most. My wardrobe is full of clothes and always say “I have to invest on basic outfits…”…but then…OMG

26 Do not love shopping centers. Just because do not love to spend time indoor. I just can stand museums and cinemas!

27 I think a lot, do more than what I’ve thought, than have other ideas, then do again

28 This is my 30th year

29 At the moment, I feel too young for sons. Still love dogs more than children 🙂

30 If I’m in a bad mood, just leave me alone. If I’m in a good one, I’m the most optimistic one!

31 I’m not so good in giving hugs and kisses. But I’m quite sure people I care know  I do care about them even without lots of hugs

32 I just can’t count how many nicknames friends and colleagues have given me during these years.

33  And just can’t count how many nicknames I’ve given to my small disobedient dog. I use to invent ridiculous songs as well and sing them

34 They say I’m very expressive with my face. Can’t stand being photographed

35 I do scare a lot with horror films…so I just avoid watching them!

36 I’m not moved by love films …but if a film it’s about dogs or aged people, I’m so touched that tears come to my eyes

37  I could eat pizza and ice creams everyday. I’m not paying too attention in what I eat…just don’t love spicy food, everything else it’s fine

38 Next big travel I’m dreaming about, US coast to coast.

39 I’m a Pinterest and Instagram addicted.

40 I don’t get drunk easily. But maybe with the increasing age my resistance is weakening!

PS This post has been written as my answer for  ‪#‎40facts4TheHive‬ .

Just having fun, enjoy your weekend!