May 17, 2017

5 Useful Tips to Survive the Summer Heat at Home

After a crazy May filled with rain and storms, I can’t believe that summer finally seems to have arrived. What is the weather like in your area during the summer? It can be really hot and humid here in July and August, but it doesn’t compare to the humidity of Singapore ^_^

I remember that when my air conditioner broke down last year, I thought that I wouldn’t be able to live here without air conditioning during summer, as the hot temperatures and high humidity affect your home and your daily habits. We all know how high cooling costs can be, so it’s much better to restrict air conditioner use to just the hottest hours of the day. During the days I when worked from home without air conditioning, I realized five easy tricks that can help you survive the summer heat at home. I’ll keep them in mind this summer as well, since I want to be prepared if my air conditioner breaks down again.


  1. Install Proper Shades on the Windows

Unless you live in Scandinavia or Northern Europe, you probably have curtains on your windows. If not, think about buying them. Covering windows with light curtains helps keep the heat out, especially on the south- and west-facing windows.

Curtains can also be beautiful and can add a decorative touch to your home. During the day, you can also partially close your shutters to keep your home cooler.

Image via Flickr by Kristina Kupstienė

  1. Increase Ventilation

Fans look very old-fashioned now that we all have air conditioning at home. But they can really save your life during the hottest hours of the day. Create proper cross-ventilation by opening some windows.

  1. Choose Cotton

Image via Flickr by decor8


What you wear is also very important for your comfort at home. Wear light and loose-fitting clothing, and stay away from polyester and synthetic fibers.

This is true for bed linens, too. Always choose natural and organic fibers and light colours. White is the best in this case.

  1. Switch Everything Off

All of your home appliances are extra sources of heat, even if you leave them in standby mode. Get an idea of how much energy your appliances consume on standby mode here. So remember to switch everything off. Turn off the light bulbs, the computer, the TV, and all the other appliances you aren’t using.

  1. Go Downstairs!

I know this isn’t always possible, since many of you may live in attics or in top-floor apartments. But if you live in a ground-floor apartment and you have a basement floor as I do, you will easily realize how different the temperature is between the two levels. A basement can be a great refuge during the hottest hours of the day.

In addition, you can always think about going downstairs and taking a nap on a hammock. Did you know that hammocks are super trendy for indoor use, too? Find more ideas for styling hammocks and staying cool on Pinterest.

Image via Flickr by lilb13

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