Aug 15, 2022

DESIGN NEWS | Top A’ Design Award Furniture&Decor Winners

A’ Design Awards is an international design award open for independent designers from all the world.

You can easily apply at this link, by sharing your project details and images, together with an application fee. 

A’Design Award is open to all designers of all nationalities. It is not just about product and furniture design, but A ‘Design Award includes 100 design categories. In fact, the award is open to all types of design, from web to graphics, from interior design to furniture, to less traditional industries.

You can find the complete list of categories at this link.



A’ Design Award | Why apply


There are plenty of benefits for the A’Design Award winners.

First, they will receive the A’ Design A’ Design Award trophy together with the award winners’ kit. The kit includes several ways to give the best exposure to winning projects, including an Yearbook Publication, a Physical Exhibition with the winning projects, together with an extensive pr campaign. This means, a lot of publicity for your design.

Second, being one of the most renowned prizes of design, winning the A’Design Award is a good way to gain prestige and to get new contacts with companies and design professionals. Starting from the jury of the Award, which is composed by 70 Members in total, by several design professionals, together with press members and academics.





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Top A’ Design Award Furniture&Decor Winners

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/ sofa and chairs

Niemeyer II Armchair by Joana Santos Barbosa

O3Connect Stool by TzuWei Chang, KaiLi Chang and RouChun Wang

Graphic Sofa by Bia Rezende

Memory Growth Lounge Chair by Yunyun Chen


Modello 09 Chair by Cass Saldanha

Bada Chair by Jeongmin Ryu and Taekeun Oh


Brahma Meditation Chair by Ilya Legchatov


/ room dividers

Object Splash Proof Partition by Akira Nakagomi

Framy Customizable Room Divider by Shinnosuke Hosoda


Joaquim Folding Screen by Pedro Galaso


/ tables

Pheather Table by SF Solutions Co., Ltd

Wavy Desk by Agne Balke


Fill the Gap Coffee Table by Roberta Rampazzo


/ shelves

Shade Partition Shelf by Yuto Hiramatsu

Heli X Modular Furniture System by Helen Sauter

Butai Shelf by Misaki Kiyuna

/ decor

Orinnoro Jar by Sini Majuri


Jiao Vase and Aromatherapy by Jiang Mengjiao and Liu Miao


Ribbing Vase by Lihsing Wang


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