Apr 15, 2020

7 YEARS OF IB | Links to be inspired, to improve and to stay connected

Today I am happy to look back realizing that exactly seven years ago I was creating this website.

Exactly four years ago I was leaving my job to starting working 100% as a freelancer. Two years ago I was working 24 hours a day to write the first ebook. April has always been a special month to me – probably I always get really inspired in spring.

As a way to “celebrate“, I would like to collect today the most interesting articles and links from the past years that may be useful in these days as well. Jump below to discover maaany inspirations for your home, about future trends (even the most actual ones lead by the corona crisis), tips to work as a freelancer, places where to travel virtually (and hopefully for real one day), but also some past articles that tell you something more about the history of this blog and community.

I created IB seven years ago and initially I didn’t even know how and why, I just knew that I was really unhappy in the life and work I was doing at the time.
Since that moment, I’ve always thought that the best ideas are born at the worst of times, and this has always helped me to face even the worst experiences with a smile. In these years, from a blog italianbark has become a real digital platform but above all a community of creatives from around the world, sharing the same passion for design and interior. I feel so grateful for all the people and experiences that this blog brought into my life in these years – some of them shared their quarantine experiences with us yesterday in this article

Thanks for sharing this beautiful journey with me  ♥



Articles for freelancers with tips and tools



How to work as an interior design blogger in Italy (and abroad)

Blogging Tips | My worst mistakes as a blogger

E-Design | How does online interior design work?



Links to be inspired by the future trends in the interiors and design



Trend Membership | Weekly updates on interiors and design in your mailbox

Interior Trends | How pandemic is going to change our homes

Podcast | Discussing about Corona virus impact on interiors and design

Design Trends | A new generation of digital interiors

4 Macro Trends shaping interiors and design in the future

The new Free Downloadable Trend Guide is online


Articles to travel with fantasy and think about the next one




Malaysia + Singapore

Tokyo + Kyoto

Portugal on the Road

Spain on the Road

South-West USA on the Road (coming soon)



Big Cities Love














Salvador de Bahia

San Francisco (coming soon)

Los Angeles (coming soon)



Smaller but Beautiful places to be discovered








Matera (coming soon)



Where to Stay

Design and Boutique Hotels


Links to Interviews to get inspired by top designers



Meeting Oki Sato /Nendo

Meeting Paola Navone

Meeting Maarten Baaas

Meeting Michael Anastassiades

Meeting Laura Bethan Wood

Meeting Ron Arad (coming soon)

Meeting Jean Marie Masseaud (coming soon)

Meeting Max Lamb (coming soon)


Articles with ideas to make your home more beautiful



Easy Tips to decorate home

Beautiful Home Tours

Online Home Shopping Ideas

IB Online Interior Design Services

IB Online Shop ( to be updated )

Articles to be inspired by colours






Articles to know more about ITALIANBARK



2019 / The new Learning Community is online

2019 / Talking about the latest trends in China

2018 / IB won the Amara Award

2018 / The NT 1 Milan Design Week Trendbook is online

2017 / IB is looking for contributors

2017 / My work as a freelance (architect)

2017 / Turn resolutions into reality

2016 / Top 25 Global Interior Design Blogs

2016 / New studio website

2015 / Pills of 2015



Links to stay connected ♥










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