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8 Compact Stairs for Cool Compact Spaces


In this blog I often talk about small interiors. That’s maybe because I do live in a small apartment as well.

I always find very interesting to see how designers solved some very tiny spaces with clever design solutions. Probably the most interesting ones are those small apartments with high ceilings where the designers gained some extra space thanks to small attics, giving one or more precious extra rooms which usually are bedrooms or really tiny alcoves.

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The problem then is: how to fit then a staircase in such compact spaces?

Let’s go throught some very very creative staircases designers samples: small staircases with minimun space and maximun functionality!

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Compact stair #spiral

Compact spiral staircases are the most used when talking about compact houses, because need a minimum space in the plan to be developed. You can consider on plan a minimun diameter of 120 cm, even if depends from the building guidelines of your Country and city.  There are many super creative examples of spiral staircases on the web, as for example this colourful staircase: in this crazy interior, there is also a fireman pole!


Compact stair #1

Ok this is not a very small apartment but the inspiration can be very useful for small spaces.

The staircase in this interior becomes functional with the inclusion of storage spaces inside, also the kitchen cabinets are actually one single unit with the staircase because are both made in plywood.

Larissa Johnston Architects

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Compact stair #2

Supereasy: in this small Scandi apartment the designers added a small alcove over the couch and just a ladder staircase.

Yes maybe this solution is just for very young couples!

Elle Decor SE

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Compact stair #3

When talking about small spaces, the French are the best. Probably because in Paris there are really apartments that can be smaller than one bedroom (much smaller!).

In this French interior I love that the stair becomes also a decorative element behind the kitchen, and please have a look at how they gained the attic bedroom!

Marianne Evennou

Compact stair #4

A super vertical staircase, like the one in this Scandi apartment, frees up space a lot of space but feels more confortable than a completely vertical ladder.

By misaligning the steps, you will double the space on plan!

Fantastik Frank

Compact stair #5

If you are not afraid of colour, you can try with this solution: the staircase goes together with the functional block of the kitchen, which is underlined in a really bright lime green.

Maybe with another colour?


Compact stair #6

If you are a total white fan you will love this supercute Scandinavian solution: the staircase is very vertical and it almost disappears inside the apartment, because it is part of the white corner which contains the bedroom!

The space below is used as a wardrobe and small storage.

Fantastik Frank

Compact stair #7

From total white to total black: in this dark and moody apartment, the staircase is floating!

In this way the staircase keeps the flow of the apartment and without closing the space, by letting light pass through the openings and also by using the space below.

Tatiana Stalinka

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In questo blog parlo spesso di case piccole. Sarà probabilmente perché anch’io vivo in un appartamento di certo non grande?

Mi piace un sacco poi vedere come i progettisti hanno risolto problemi di spazio con soluzioni creative ed intelligenti. Il massimo sono gli appartamento con soffitti abbastanza alti da poterci ricavare delle piccole stanze mansardate, che a volte sono solo delle piccole alcove ma permettono di creare in pratica una stanza in più e quindi guadagnare molto spazio in pianta.

Il classico problema in uno spazio molto piccolo è poi quello di farci stare la scala.

Oggi ho scovato otto progetti molto molto creativi di interni piccoli, con scale dall’ingombro minimo e funzionalità massima!

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