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5 clever designs for your home plus interesting news

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Hello, how was your weekend? Here it has been raining for the last days so really enjoyed spending some time cozy at home!

I’m back this Monday with exciting news for all designers: A’Design Award is back this year as well and registrations are open. You can Register Here

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Deadline for submission is February 28, while results will be announced to public on April 15, as well as a selection here on the blog!

What is A’Design Award?

A’Design Award the international prize for indipendent designers.

One of the most amazing things of A’ Design Award in my opinion is that it has so many categories that it really includes all the design fields you can think about. Because design is everywhere, isn’t it? 

You can browse among all the categories in this link

The other great thing is that after 5 years, A’ Design Award developed a very transparent and scientifical judging methology, with a huge jury composed by 70 Members in total, design professionals, press members and academics. They’ve been invited to be part of the jury after an evaluation of working experience and formation.

You can find several more information about A’Design Award at this link


5 simple&cool ideas from A’Design Award for your home

# 1

Fragile Flower vase by Takahiro Yamamoto

Fragile is an attachment that converts a drinking glass into flower case: when the net fabric is heated, it becomes hard and you can create 3D form with it.

read more here

# 2

Qleek Music Player by Johanna Hartzheim

Qleek is a beautiful way to play, share and collect your music.  Qleeks are made from sustainable beechwood sourced in France and are a great decor for your home!

read more here

# 3

Warm Sheath Umbrella Sheath by Liaoning Shihua University


The design is the handle protection design of the umbrella, which is very cool without gloves in the cold weather. The design material is in silica gel and it perfectly fits on the umbrella handle.

read more here

# 4

Soft Light by Tianyi Shi

Soft light is inspired by foam: you can even play with it, nodding or bowing when the foam cover is pressed. Foam is an interesting material which has its own characters, but few designers use foam in light design.

read more here

# 5

Dome Table clock by Josep Vera Arús

Project inspired in the solar system. The singularity of the geometrical figures, specially the spheres and the time-space rotation, joining in a micro universe, as the time itself.

read more here



Ciao, com’è andato il fine settimana? Qui piove da qualche giorno quindi giornate di relax a casa!

Torno qui questo lunedì cominciando con delle belle news per tutti i designers: A’Design Award è tornato e le iscrizioni sono aperte. Potete registrarvi qui

Deadline for submission is February 28, while results will be announced to public on April 15, as well as a selection here on the blog!

Cos’è A’Design Award?

A’Design Award è il concorso internazionale di design indipendente.

Una delle caratteristiche più incredibili di questo award di design è che include davvero tutte le categorie possibili che possono venirvi in mente sul tema. Questo perché il design é dappertutto!

Potete sfogliare tutte le categorie a questo link

Un’altra caratteristica che contraddistingue A’ Design Award è la sua metodologia di giudizio, scientifica, trasparente e ccon un’ampia giuria composta da 70 membri in totale, tra professionisti nel settore del design, del settore accademico e della stampa, selezionati in base alle esperienze professionali e di studio..

Potete trovare tante altre info in merito ad  A’Design Award a questo link 


register now!