by Elisabetta Rizzato

Hello and welcome.

My name is Elisabetta Rizzato, I’m an Italian interior architect, color+trend consultant and founder of ITALIANBARK®.


I created this website in 2013 as my personal blog and it quickly grew into a global community of readers, awarded as “Best Colour Inspiration Blog” (Amara Awards), “Top Global 25 interior blogs” (The HuffPost) and as the “top Italian interior Instagram profiles” (Vogue Australia).

I’ve been collaborating with top brands and organizations in the design industry as content creator and influencer, and I have been sharing about key design trends years in advance – turning ITALIANBARK into an online reference point for design professionals and brands. The site is still updated weekly, together with social media and a newsletter in constant growth, and a new platform publishing periodically trend resources such as eBooks and Webinars.

I’m also a trend and color consultant,  helping brands to understand an put trends into action through custom trend researches, creative projects, online and onsite seminars – always traveling between fairs and design events.

Through ITALIANBARK, I’ve also been one of the first in Italy to give e-design services, already ten years ago – designing projects for clients who love Italian style in more than 10 countries. Together with this, I also work as interior architect locally, in the area of Treviso/Venezia, where I’m based. I graduated in architecture in Venice and specialized in interior design at London’s Saint Martin’s and I’ve worked for different companies and studios, deciding to quit my job to focus on ITALIANBARK full time in April 2016.

What I love the most, together with design, are dogs. The name ITALIANBARK came thinking about my dog, la Bagi, a small mutt known for her bad temper, leaving at age 16 and always barking. The cuddly sausage dog Maciste is still too young to get a position in the company, but he is working ( and eating ) hard to follow the footprints of his precursor.

Contact me via e-mail at to discuss about possible cooperations or just to say hello.

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La Bagi, who has been the real boss of ITALIANBARK until she was almost 16 years old and decided it was time to leave for new adventures ♥