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COLOR TRENDS | 3 ways to play with African colours’ palette

African color palette ideas

Beautiful African color palettes decor ideas to be inspired for your home

Interior design lovers will surely agree with me: Africa is an endless source of inspiration; a beautiful, charming and exotic place where an extremely rich cultural heritage merges with a natural and extraordinary talent for art; a magic huge land where creativity and skills abound, originating an impressive variety of décor items, each one representative of a specific tribal identity, with a unique story and function. 

Reading my column here, I am sure you have loved each single piece I have brought to you: from the beautiful West African textiles to the original chairs and colourful baskets, all precious hand made gems that no matter your interiors’ style, will always find their place in your home.

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Credits + Credits  


What is also very inspirational about Africa is the typical colours’ scheme in use, a rich and warm palette inspired by nature and raw materials, an ensemble of earthy, natural and warm tones capable to revive and enhance every room and space. 

If you are in search of ideas for renovating your interiors or if you are struggling to get that ethno-chic finishing touch, keep reading to see which tones to choose and how to mix them well to recreate that beloved effortlessly chic and timeless atmosphere.

3  African color palettes decor ideas


#1 How to play with African colours: enchant with earthy tones

In the typical African colours’ palette, warm tones containing a hint of brown predominate: umber, terracotta, burnt yellow and orange, ochre in all of its nuances, burgundy, desert sand. Tones that recall not only the sun and the soil but also natural pigments deriving from local trees and plants. 


Beautiful hand made African objects to embellish your interiors – Credits 

Warm earthy tones for a cosy and elegant atmosphere – Credits @theruthchic ; Credits   


This is a very satisfying group of colours: they match so harmoniously, both as main background colours on your walls, or as predominant hues for accessories and furnitures, creating an instant feeling of warmth and soothing; and when paired with interior materials like wood, leather, linen, thick cotton or raffia, the final effect of an eco- friendly and cocooning luxury is guaranteed.  


Use these tones as main background colours as well as accent details in a room – Source ; Foto 06_Source 


#2 African color palette ideas: go for natural and soft nuances 

You can otherwise opt for an overall more sober African look choosing a clear background and incorporating natural soft tones like white, beige, tan and light brown. With the help of a good amount of natural light the result is that of an elegant and deluxe environment. 


Soft clear tones for a timeless elegant atmosphere – Credits  ; Credits  


Note: an overall interior décor minimalist style will just enhance the visual power and as well as the final effect of this choice.


A minimalist environment just increase these tones’ evocative power – Credits  


#3 How to play with African colours: choose contrasts

Another cool choice is to opt for contrasting tones. You can play with light toned décor items such as baskets, carpets or home linen and match them with a contrasting background dark colour, or vice versa.  The classic and evergreen black and white option (or tan and dark grey) won’t disappoint you. Other original alternatives may surprise you though. An example? Try blue navy or dark teal as background,  the overall result will just mesmerize you! 

The most classical of the contrasts won’t disappoint you – Credits;  Credits; Credits  

An original alternative to black – Credits  

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