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5 African carved wooden handicraft to fall for

One thing I adore about the African inspired interior decor style is the intensive use of raw and organic materials such as raffia, palm leaves, wood, cotton and leather among others, all beautiful and natural elements that fiercely communicate the strong link between man and Nature, artisans and Earth. 

Wood in particular is even more evocative since wood sculpting and carving is one of the most antique as well as characteristic trades among African people. For centuries, skilful artisans and carpenters all over the continent have expressed their extraordinary talents and still at present magnificent hand made pieces are produced, both for propitiatory and commercial purposes. 

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Made in ebony, mahogany or other fine local woods, for their earthen glow and natural texture, all of these pieces have the capacity to communicate an immediate feeling of warmth, making any interior space concrete and elegant at the same time, with a unique touch of tribal style.

Want to see how? Keep reading and get charmed by these 5 gorgeous African wooden handicraft. 

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5 African wooden handicraft to fall for


Bamileke stools / African wooden handicraft 1


These beauties – definitely one of my beloved pieces – come from Cameroon where they have been used for centuries as thrones by the Bamileke kings during ceremonies; entirely hand made from a single piece of wood, their meticulous and beautiful carving has a religious meaning, representing the earth spider, symbol of divine wisdom.

Look at how they fit perfectly, with their different sizes and nuances, in any interior space as well as in the outdoor, as stylish coffee tables or as original side tables. 


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Senufo stools and beds / African wooden handicraft 2


The Senufo tribes of Mali, Ivory Coast and Burkina Faso used to sit on these stools during their every day activities such as cooking, sewing or simply to rest on them.  Their simple yet versatile design –  a crescent-shaped seat and flat base – make them resemble more a stylish minimal sculpture that an every day object, which is why they are equally great as a chairs and tables or as stand alone, eye catching items.  


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Dogon doors and ladders / African wooden handicraft 3


The Dogon people from Mali are one of Africa’s most fascinating tribes, widely known for their intense religious traditions and architecture. Among their striking handcrafts, their meticulously carved doors and ladders which were used respectively to lock the window-like openings of their grain storage buildings and to climb on their homes’ second storey;  the hand made carving is beautiful and rich of meaning: primordial beings, ancestors, sun lizards as well as ordinary scenes of life, all intended to protect the entrance by making it safe and sacrosanct. 

In your home, Dogon doors and ladders will make great statement pieces, perfect as wall decors or as single items to be displayed on a stand. 


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Masks from all over the continent / African wooden handicraft 4

If we talk about masks, the choices are pretty much endless as countless are the African ethnic groups: Bwa people from Burkina Faso, Dogon from Mali, Fang from Gabon, Kwere from Tanzania, just to name some; each tribe has its own artistic trademark and their productions are equally beautiful and original. 

African masks of any origin make great décor objects and create unique living spaces. They can be hung on the wall, displayed on the table or other corners and used in any interior as well as in the outdoor. 


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Zulu shields / African wooden handicraft 5


Traditionally these round objects were employed by South African Zulu tribesman as shields in battle; today they have lost their warlike meaning and are rather employed during weddings or public ceremonies to remember historic ancestry stories. Their carved wood design painted in bold black and white patterns continue to have a striking décor effect, which is even more remarkable when they are hung on walls – grouped or alone. 


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Awesome, right? 

Wood is definitely one of the most versatile and stylish home décor elements.  If you are in search of more ways to incorporate it within your house, don’t miss these amazing wood flooring trends. And keep following the pink dog for more inspirations from around the world.