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Best of a very busy month, April interior design inspirations


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This April monthly best of post it’s been so hard! Really, too many things to go through, in just a few days. You can easily imagine from the worn-out look of these sneakers, how many km these feets have walked through..!

This April, has been about Milano Design Week 2015, which focused the attention of design professional and passionate world to our country, for the largest-ever design exhibitionof the year. And this was the month of our little side project #weblogsaloni as well, started a month ago to spread with the speed of light during the “heart” of the Milanese design week. I’ve already told about this here and there, with two photo round-ups of my busy days in Milan, here and here, and I’m still holding something to be shown the next days here!

This April, has been also about a first time in another European capital, Berlin. A city that hit me for its hard, industrial mood, with a such a radical story to be swept partially away, or to divide a city into two opposing worlds for years. I had the opportunity to spend my days in two very different locations, the first one in a Postdamerplatz made of steel and modernity, the other one in that East Side of decadent charm and of colorful street art. By now, I just can tell you this… and I’m keeping some days left to show you a little bit more of this unique city. I came back with the doubt I really didn’t understant this Berlin through and through. It’s like it seduced my eyes, but it really did not conquer my heart. I know, probably many of you can say the opposite!

Finally, this April has been about  The Hive conference, with all the enthusiasm, then work, that it brings. I have so many ideas swimming around in my head that the real problem is to focus and to put them into practice.

Let’s say that by now it seems rather intricate and complicated?


Mettere insieme un riassunto di questo mese di Aprile non è facile. Sono semplicemente successe troppe cose, condensate in qualche settimana. E lo si capisce bene dalla sporcizia di queste scarpe qui sopra, quanto hanno girato queste scarpette nell’ultimo periodo….!

C’è stata la Milano Design Week 2015, che ha portato l’attenzione di tutto il mondo di professionisti e appassionati sul nostro paese, per quella che è la fiera più vasta in assoluto sul tema design ed interiors. E c’è stato il nostro piccolo progetto parallelo #weblogsaloni , partito davvero poco più di un mese fa per espandersi alla velocità della luce durante il periodo “caldo” del design milanese. Ma di questo già ve ne ho parlato, ho fatto due riassunti fotografici delle mie intense giornate a Milano qui e qui, un primo focus sul salone satellite – il mio spazio preferito della fiera di Rho- e qualche altro approfondimento, anche se mi sono tenuta ancora qualcosa per i prossimi giorni!

C’è stato poi una prima volta in una capitale europea, Berlino, di cui invece vi devo ancora parlare. Una città dai tratti a volte duri, industriali, con una storia talmente radicale da spazzarla via in parte, o da dividerla per anni in due mondi opposti. Caso vuole che abbia avuto la possibilità di alloggiare in due posti diversi della città, prima in una Postdamerplatz fatta di modernità e acciaio, poi in un East Side dal fascino decadente e colorato di street art. Per ora vi dico solo questo…e mi tengo qualche giornata per mostrarvi un pò di più. Me ne sono rimasta con il dubbio di non averla capita, questa Berlino. Perchè devo dirvi che ha conquistato i miei occhi, ma non il mio cuore, e probabilmente molti di voi potranno dire il contrario!

Infine c’è stata la conferenza europea The Hive, con tutto l’entusiasmo, e il lavoro, che si trascina dietro. Mi frullano così tante idee per la testa che ho paura siano troppe per metterle in pratica!

Diciamo che il tutto al momento mi pare piuttosto intricato e complicato….



Now, let’s go throught my Pinterest account to find out what I’ve loved and missed this month!


Let’s start as for every Monthly Inspirations post with some interior design inspirations I would have included in

I’d like to live here







1. This peaceful attic entry hall, via 2. Dreaming about this double height dining room via Vtwonen 3. Total white with a touch of industrial colour in this kitchen from 4. Loving this glazed partition, Heidi Lerkenfeldt via Interior Break 5. Just would like to rest under this pinched attic ceiling, in this bedroom via 6. That pouff!! (and the studio corner as well. maybe a little bit wider, that desk…) via


Colour Palettes | monthly interior design inspirations

The Pink Dog has been inspired by the bright and bold colours of this Milan Design Week, this month.

A special love for this colour combo of Color Object collection of Antje pesel, part of italianbark Salone Satellite 2015 round up (did you miss it?) 

Reminds me of summer that is coming, and of the Pink dog colour 😉


1. 2. 3.


Original Interiors | monthly interior design inspirations

Bright & pink as the hotel where I spent two days in Berlin, NHow. This really seemed like it was designed for the Pink Dog (actually don’t believe of course that Karim Rashid thought about this…),

Next Thursdays Original Interiors we go up with this lift 😉




And a crush with this web cafè called West Berlin, located in Berlin -yes, not in Copenhagen!

( have a peek here for other bar and cafè design)


Original Finds | monthly interior design inspirations

Ok. It’s just not possible to go throught all that design finds I’ve brought back with me in my mind and in my camera from the Design Week and find out a few fav.

But, if I would do a very quick selection, my attention goes to:

1. Mirabilia Wallpaper by Alissa+Nienke 2. Corners by Kyunyung Cho 3. Natural Light by Javid TTrubridge

mirabiliawallpaper-monthly-interior-design-inspirations-april-italianbarkcorners-interior-design-inspirations-april-italianbarknaturallight-javidtrubridge-interior-design-inspirations-april-italianbark copia


Quote of the month

This is the mot I’ve chosen for this month.

I’ve talked about feeling unconfortable as a blogger in my The Hive post here

and I really would like this sentence to be the answer of all my worries!



No, the answer is, now I just go offline.

There’s a long bank Holiday weekend ahead! Enjoy it 🙂
(loving this doggy wall art by ForeverFoxy via Etsy)



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