Feb 7, 2022

INTERIOR TRENDS | Do you know the Avant Basic style?

With the new year, we are happy to share with you new relevant interior style trends that we recently spotted.


Today we introduce you a new style trend, called “Avant Basic“- ever heard about it?

Avant basic is a new maximalist style recently become popular on social media – think Instagram but especially Tok Tok. A maximalist aesthetic – as defined for example by Architectural Digest here –  totally in contrast with the minimalist approach that have been so popular lately among my generation.

Avant basic is the reaction of Gen-Z to Marie Kondo philosophy, to the Japandi minimalism and many other styles so appreciated in the last years, that were all about having a clean and minimal house. In fact, on the opposite, the Avant basic style philosophy is all about expressing our unicity thought decorating.  

Maximalism stands as a symbol of the unique personality of those who live inside their homes, but also as a way of supporting different makes, creators, designers.

What is making this style pretty popular – despite its very “different” aesthetic approach – is that it’s absolutely photogenical.

Let’s see a bit more in detail?


How to decorate according to the Avant Basic style



First let’s start from the meaning: “Avant Basic” is a contradictory term, that puts together the word with “Avant” – meaning original or innovative – and “Basic”, that means mainstream and common.

This interior trend is a very creative combination of different decorating inspirations. In fact, it puts together vintage inspirations of the 60s and 70s aesthetics, with contemporary ones, everything in a colorful and intentionally kitschy approach.




Avant Basic Get the style


Think about mixing colors, patterns and shapes in a fun – but always photogenic – way.

Start with the “basic” part, that is the white background – and then introduce the creative elements. Mix different patterns of psychedelic, checked and floral prints, with a clear vintage allure. Mix different colors – pastel hues together with pops of flux, but also black&white optical combinations. Incorporate, then, some odd elements like furniture in wavy shapes, decorating objects such as abstract arts, swirly candles, squiggly shaped mirrors, faux vines and some led lights.

Everything, to create a happy and colourful environment, perfect for self-expression.




What do you think of this new interior style?

Actually this is not for sure how I will decorate my home, honestly, but I think it’s the perfect reflection of the new generation tastes. In general, the translation into a new decorating style of the desire for more freedom, uniqueness and space for self-expression that clearly distinguishes now the new generations.

I always like to spot news, so I am pretty excited anyways when new styles come in – even if they aren’t my thing as interior designer, they are pretty interesting for trend research purposes.


Do you prefer other interior styles? Have a look at our tips for a perfect…





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