Feb 4, 2020

BATHROOM DESIGN TRENDS 2020 | New metallic finishes by antoniolupi

What are the key trends in bathroom design for 2020?

For sure, one of the main trends in the bathroom design now and for the future is about creating beautiful and comfortable rooms with personality. The bathroom environment is strictly related with the concept of wellness and we already mentioned how the designing for the well-being has became one of the major trends in design now.

The bathroom has become one of the most important rooms of any house.

Needless to say, also, how in the commercial and hospitality spaces too bathrooms are now integral part of the design. Just think: if you enter in a beautiful restaurant, won’t you be disappointed if you find an uncared bathroom? Or, when entering in a hotel room, isn’t the bathroom the first area you look at?

When designing a concept for a bathroom, the fixtures can’t be overlooked and designers are now looking more and more for special pieces and finishes.

Today I am sharing with you some special new finishes by Italian bathroom brand antoniolupi I spotted at the IMM Cologne fair 2020, which are perfect to create that “wow” effect you were looking for.

|| Discover the latest design trends from IMM Cologne 2020:



New Metallic Finishes by antoniolupi

Flumood® is a special finish created for bathroom fixtures.

Flumood® is an exclusive material patented by antoniolupi with a unique versatility and resistance. This makes it possible to crate any shapes, with a long lasting resistence and manteinment of its performance all over the time. Composed mostly of aluminum hydroxide and synthetic resins with low styrene content, from this year it is now available in new special metallic finishes.

Made of a special metal powder, Flumood is given on the surface through a technologically advanced process that allows the deposit of real metal micro-particles on the surface. The spray application, given by hand, requires a specific know-how that is part of the brands’ knowledge and tradition. From IMM Cologne 2020, here the latest products in the new Flumood technology.


1/ bronze + copper metallic finish for the bathroom

Combined together with some special metallic liquid paint, Flumood® is now available in the revolutionary metallic finishes of bronze and copper. The effect is polished and it works perfectly matched with other materials, to create unique effects. Together with Cristalmood, these new metallic finishes create a special and rich effect of contrast and reflections, allowing many different compositions and matches between colors and materials. In fact, the warmth and brilliance of gold and copper interact with colors, creating vibrant reflections and enhancing the simple and clean volumes.

albume , the well-known sculptural washbasin designed by Carlo Colombo, from this year it is also available in the revolutionary metallic finishes of bronze and copper.





2/ black iron metallic finish for the bathroom

Combined together with a powder paint, Flumood® is now also available in the black iron metallic finish. This special metallic paint is given through a technologically advanced process that allows the deposit of real metal micro-particles on the surface, with a spray application that makes the finish perfectly homogeneous. The final effect is rough to the touch, emphasizing the volumes.

plissé , the freestanding washbasin designed by Paolo Ulian, was originally available in marble but now also in the new metallic powder finish. Plissè’s vertical grooves create a special movement on the surface that remind the plissé fabric, even more enhanced by this new metallic finish.


All images courtesy antoniolupi

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