BATHROOM TRENDS 2021-2022 | 4 upcoming trends plus New e-Book

by Elisabetta Rizzato

What is trending in bathroom design now?


After a year of big changes, we are facing new ways of living inside our homes. This is bringing many changes and innovation in different industries, and many changes in the way we design and decorate our homes.

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For example, bathrooms used to be seen as a service of our homes, nowadays they turned into crucial spaces of our homes, where we can relax and enjoy some time for ourselves. As a consequence, bathrooms are now central to home design and a place where to express our creativity and taste.

Today we are exploring some new trends in the bathroom design,  in collaboration with Italian brand antoniolupi, and sharing our new Trendbook: Bathroom Trends 2021-2022. Enjoy!




#1 / Wallpapers and original coverings

Bathroom Trends 2022


We are seeing a great revival of the surface and wall coverings decor. Starting from very original tile coverings, with lots of patterns, to ceramics that imitates in a very realistic ways natural stones and marbles, to new wallpapers. In fact, if you think that wallpaper is not suitable for wet areas, you are wrong: in fact, the latest wallpapers are made with fiberglass and they can be water-resistant, so perfect for the bathrooms.

The options for wallpaper design can be endless, also for those who prefer a more minimalist kind of decoration.

For example, TRALERIGHE is a wallpaper inspired by a minimalist grid in black and white. Available in 20 variations, its patterns are studied on a mathematical algorithm, intersecting as if they were alive and constantly moving.


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#2 / Opaline Design

Bathroom Trends 2022


Together with the bathroom becoming more and more original decorated, we are seeing many creative designs and proposals for bathroom fittings and basins. Starting from colorful ceramics, till innovative materials creating transparent and colourful effects.

For example, Crystalmood is a new generation colored resin with an opaline effect, very resistant and available in lots of different colors. Cristalmood is composed of high quality polyester resin which can be cleaned with all the most common detergents, also resisting to rubbing alcohol, acetone, oils, gasoline or diesel fuel. Thanks to the composition, objects made from Cristalmoodweight about 30% less than those made with other solid surfaces.




#3 / Cork Design

Bathroom Trends 2022


Sustainability is finally becoming a crucial value on design products and also in the bathroom design we are seeing many interesting sustainable materials. The circular approach to design , as we have been sharing for many years now, is finally something happening and we are seeing this in many different ways, from a more conscious production in the furniture process, together with the use of innovative materials made of recycled resources , or the discovery pdf traditional materials to be used in new ways.

This is the case, for example, of cork. A durable, fire-retardant, elastic, light material that does not fear humidity – for these reasons, it is a perfect option for bathroom design. The new freestanding basin Borghi has a distinctive base which is entirely made out of recycled cork, recomposed by using only natural resins. Read more about Borghi here.



#4 / Statement faucets

Bathroom Trends 2022


Among the bathroom items which are having the major changes and more interesting proposals, we have to mention for sure bathroom faucets and shower heads. From very minimalist to more decorated ones, with a touch of vintage style, faucets and shower heads are now distinctive elements to decorate the bathroom and make it unique.

Apollo , for example, is a lamp and at the same time a shower head. The showerheads, in fact, are a composition of tubular lines, while the lamp is a circular sphere mounted together with them and creating one unique sculptural element. The Indigo tap series, instead, is characterized by lots of finishes to customize the handle, creating endless options of design. In fact, they can be customized by lacquering the handle as per color samples, while maintaining the high standard and hardness of the paint.





Want to know more about the future Bathroom Trends? 

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Last, our color predictions with 4 trendy color palettes and specific Pantone codes.


Buy the BATHROOM TRENDS 2021/22 E-book here



Buy the BATHROOM TRENDS 2021/22 E-book here


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