Sep 25, 2019

SHOP IT | Berry furniture and decor for those seeking the remarkable

While each season offers a range of exciting colour choices for us to explore, not many of them stay around long enough to become universally accepted. After years of millennial pink dominating the colour spectrum, we are finally ready for it to evolve.

In 2020 we will see the fusion of the pinks and purples become an emerging colour trend. Like Millennial pink and Gen Z yellow, this berry blend is not a single shade, but rather a selection of different hues ranging from fuschia to cassis. Other than the undeniable beauty, its crucial strength comes from the fact that it is also gender-neutral and easy to introduce into a majority of contemporary colour palettes. 

Berry fusion reflects an optimistic and relaxing mood, but unlike baby blue, it adds drama and a sense of luxury. Blending tradition with modernity, these berry shades are a perfect fit for any maximalist interior. Sophisticated and moody, berry hues make an excellent textile choice for those seeking the extraordinary. Especially in velvet. Think antique furniture and comfy cushions. Or glossy contemporary finishes.

Distinctively elegant and difficult to manufacture, during the history purples have always been associated with the upper class, so if you opt for this colour trend aim for the remarkable.

What do you think, is the berry fusion Pantone Ultra Violet inspired or just the logical aftermath of the recent exploration of reds and purples in fashion and home interiors?

Discover our selection of berry-hued furnishings and decor by checking the shoppable links down below.



Berry and Cassis / shop online




  1. Round mirror with metal frame, Zara Home | approx 90 euros
  2. Velvet cushion cover, H&M | approx 8 euros
  3. Photo print – Paris 04, Hilde Mork | 89 euros
  4. Photo art – Playground 01, Paper Collective | approx 79 euros
  5. Jolie mauve tealight Holder, Villeroy & Boch | approx 22 euros
  6. Garden greeting pot, Anthropologie | approx 21 euros
  7. Njutning scented candle in glass, IKEA | approx 12 euros
  8. Stockholm 2.5 seater sofa, Velvet Living | price available upon request
  9. Wu side table / stool, Radnor | price available upon request
  10. Richland burgundy berry branch, Save on Crafts | approx 4 euros
  11. Fatty table, Ferruccio Laviani | price available upon request
  12. Carpet Vertou, Home24 | approx 200 euros
  13. Vintage design raspberry fruit ceramic knob, Zazzle | approx 10 euros
  14. Cushion Kugleask, Jysk | approx 15 euros
  15. Screen, Mae Engelgeer studio | price available upon request


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