Nov 23, 2020

INTERIOR TIPS | Beautiful alternatives to hardwood floors to cosy up your home

Do you have a wooden or tiled floor in your home?

Or, maybe, you are going to renovate or build your home soon and you are looking for alternative to hardwood floors?


This is a topic that always divide people. For sure, it’s not easy to choose because there are many pros and versus in both hardwood and tiles, and I can’t tell you what’s actually better. But, for sure, some tiles can be good alternatives to hardwood floors, beautiful and practical.

In fact, tile is still one of the most popular options when it comes to flooring.

First pro is durability, since a good quality tile can last for many decades aif it is maintained properly. The second pro is the price, since tile flooring is less expensive when compared to hardwood flooring.

However, the first cons people list when talking about this topic is that a tiled flooring is less comfortable and makes a space look less cozy than a wooden one. This is true – but not 100% true, because choosing a tiled floor now doesn’t mean you have to give up with having a cosy and warm mood inside your home.

In fact, it all depends from the kind of tile you choose for your space.

Luckily, there is such a wide range of textures, shapes, colors, and effects now in the tile industry that you can find some good options to hardwood as well. Here some tips and some beautiful collections I discovered that can warm up your space, in collaboration with Italian ceramic brand Casalgrande Padana.


5 alternatives to hardwood flooring

to cosy up your home


1/ Wooden-look tile with a rustic effect


Obviously, the first alternative to a hardwood floor is choosing a wooden-look like tile. If you are looking for the feeling of real wood to the touch, you should know that now, thanks to the latest ceramic technologies, wooden-look tiles can reach an incredible realistic effect both visually and to the touch. Some tiles, in fact, are 3d printed in order to recreate the same tactile effect of the wooden veins. If you are a lover of the rustic effect of wood, I recommend choosing large-sized tiles which are inspired to the real wooden planks, or go for formats inspired by traditional wooden floorings, such as the chevron one.



Country Wood is a porcelain stoneware with wood effect, reflects the original beauty of wood with a calibrated and natural range of colors, transforming itself into a versatile surface also suitable for the outdoors, in which past and present merge for a warm and cosy feel.

Tavolato is inspired by the natural beauty of antique wood tables, this porcelain stoneware collection is characterized by warm and contemporary shades that allow versatile and functional solutions for any residential or commercial use, meeting different lifestyles and tastes.

Geowood is a wood-effect porcelain stoneware which represents rare and precious essences, coming from different parts of the world.



2/ Wooden-look tile with a minimalist effect


Do you love wood but you feel more comfortable in a minimalist space? Again, you could choose a wooden effect tile, but with a fine texture. Depending from the essence you choose and from the format, in fact, wooden-like tiles can have also a minimalist look, without loosing that visual warmth of real wooden floors. If you are looking for a sleek and modern look, you could chose a smaller format of tiles and try a different layering patterns – for example, also a straight geometric layering like in the first picture below.


|| Be inspired: The New Minimalist Style Trend


Class Wood, a porcelain stoneware with a wood effect,  result of increasingly advanced production technologies

The Newood wood-effect porcelain stoneware slabs are characterized by their unmistakable veins and a very fine texture.



3 / Resin effect tiles


Choosing a warm floor to cosy up a space doesn’t necessarily mean choosing between hardwood or wood-like tiles. Also, if you truly love real wood, but you are looking for something more practical, you may prefer exploring different alternatives to wooden effect ceramics. One idea could be the resin effect tile in earth tones: with its matt and grained finish, it will make the space very contemporary. You can also play by matching different 3d decorations, to create a tone-on-tone decor .


|| Be sintered: How to decorate with earth tones and brown


Resina are porcelain stoneware slabs ideal for creating unusual spaces with a metropolitan flavor.


4 / Stone effect tiles in earthy colors


Another good alternative to hardwood flooring could be a totally different kind of floor, but always in a warm color. If you love how the wood can decorate a space with its layers and veins, and because of its natural feel, you may also love the stone effect. Yes, it’s a totally different kind of finish but it can give a very similar natural and tactile effect to the space. Just make sure to choose a quality tile!


Pietre di Sardegna combines the timeless beauty of natural stone with the inalterability and high performance of porcelain stoneware.

Amazzonia A wide color palette in stone-effect porcelain stoneware.


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