Apr 22, 2019

Best Interior Designs of the Year from the A’Design Award

A’ Design Award & Competition is the world’s largest annual juried design competition.

A’ Design Award is an international design award promoting independent design from all Countries. For designers, it is a great way to promote their projects; for us, it is a great inspirational source of new designs and projects to be discovered.

Founded in 2009, the Award has the aim to recognise and promote international design projects, the best of design from all Countries and in all creative disciplines.

A’ Design Award & Competition: How to Apply

A’ Design Award is open for early registrations from all Countries, of 100 design categories. Categories include every design industry: from more traditional categories such as Interior Space Design, Architecture Design, Furniture Design, to less traditional ones such as Pet Design, Interactive Designs, Home Appliances Design. You can browse all the categories here and apply for the one which fits better to your work.

Read more about How to Apply Here

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As media partner of the A’Design Award, we are giving our readers a selection of projects and designs which hit our attention among the winning projects of 2019. For this review, we focused on the best interior design projects from the winners of this edition: enjoy our selection!

10 Best Interior Designs of the year 2019

Memory Transmitting House by Tienyu Wu

The light goes from the spaces of white bricks around the house. In the home of this white-brick house, we try to blend the material with the memory and present a warm and elegant aesthetic through the structure of the space, connecting the warm memories to accompany the owner.

Heytea DP3 – Hills Beyond Tea Shop by AAN ARCHITECTS

In the traditional tea drinking spaces, distributed seating provides a way for people to communicate privately. The Heytea Daydreamer project, as a series of presentations, takes aim at exploring the distances between people in reality for our new era and another way of “siting down.” Heytea is not only a tea shop that satisfies your appetite, but also represents a new way of socialising in a space.



House in Ubrique Residential by Carlos Quevedo Rojas

The basin where town of Ubrique is set has required its architecture to adapt to its abrupt orography, placing us in a plot between medians on the edge of the historic center with a diagonal axis in section caused by the slope itself and that marks the guidelines of the project. Taking advantage of the local resources, we interpret and adapt the program of the traditional local dwelling: a “zaguán” (andalusian entrance hall) is created, this in turn articulates the interior – exterior, the functional program has been inverted in search of the best location for the living area, the buildable volume diminishes punctually allowing to create exterior spaces and the interesting “diagonal view ” between the peaks of Caíllo and the Valley of Aljibe, the interior built surface is reduced to provide a greater connection and spatial richness to the home. The openings, controlled, are positioned in the volume after an analysis of the sunlight, bringing forth in its main elevation an austere, closed surface (typical of local popular architecture) and compositionally under an aureus scheme.



T Weekend Residence Residential House by Noriaki Takeda and Ikuma Yoshizawa

The site features a 13 meter elevation that allows you to view the sea below. The client were seeking a weekend residence for their stay on days off – as a break from their busy weekday and work in the city life. Unlike a vacation house, A Weekend Residence has structurally fulfilled the function of a residence, and also allows clients to enjoy direct and dynamic transitions into nature which is a difficult thing to achieve in the city and gain quiet time to heal the fatigue on weekends.



Bo Du Resort Hotel Design Commercial by Zhang Can – CSD Design Office

Bodu in Chinese means providing a place for rest. And that is exactly what the Bodu hotel brand aims to provide, a place to meditate close to nature. The historic Tengchong is inseparable from the ancient silk road. Many of Tengchong‘s charms come from its rich culture, which inspired many poets and calligraphers.



Bubbles Inspire Educational Project by Pone Architecture

Bubble Arts. All humans are entitled to be linked with art. When bubbles meet the ceiling, why do the bubbles burst, instead of the ceiling bursts? In children’s world, one feels the urge to protect the beauty of their senses and imagination! Instinctual character is far more important than a contrived personality. By N.J. Harperrickon. Moms and dads will vividly recall the moment when their child first pipes up with an insight that leaves them breathless. Exactly that occurred while Pone Architecture design director Ming Leung was playing with her 4-year-old daughter at home in Guangzhou, China. “When bubbles meet the ceiling, why do they burst?” the girl asked as she watched soap bubbles float upward. “Why doesn’t the ceiling burst?” In that eureka moment, bubbles became the central concept that Leung and design director Golden Ho would subsequently explore for an arts academy in Wuhan. As Leung elaborates with a smile, “Children think differently than we do. My daughter was speaking instinctively. To me, her comment meant that she was eager to protect the beauty that she sees both with her eyes and in her heart.”



Sopron Basket Locker Room by IO line and round

To decide the overall design direction we tried to assess the characteristics of the life of a professional sports team. We were able to distinct three paths that we followed throughout the design process. These are the minimalistic functionalism, the futuristic appearance and the life of a professional female basketball athlete.



Once Upon a time… Residental by Roanld Cheung Cheuk Man

Inspired by the playground of childhood and hide and seek game. Every child loves to have their own secret base. Therefore, when planning the design, the concept of a playground was used in the child’s room and reserved some space for the children as a secret base.



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