May 9, 2022

INTERIOR TIPS | Best Paint Colours to Choose for a Relaxing Bedroom

Thinking of having your bedroom painted?

If so, you might be interested in finding the most relaxing colour tones to go with. The cost of painting your walls will depend on factors like whether you choose to do it yourself, the size of the walls and the quality of the paint product used. In this mini guide, we’ll look at some soothing paint colours worth considering in your search.


Blush Pink

Blush-tinted pink is a fabulous tone to create an aura of calm in any room. Mixing it with natural decor and perhaps old-timey 19th century antiques can add an extra touch of serenity. However, in general, blush pink is a lovely colour for creating a relaxing bedroom environment. Think laying on the duvet on a summer’s morning reading a novel as the rising sun illuminates your blush pink walls.

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Pale Yellow

Sometimes a simple but quaint paint colour will be the way to go. A pale yellow can provide a sense of liveliness and warmth. Yellow and white or gold and white curtains can be a nice added touch along with white wardrobes.


Classic White

A white-painted bedroom can establish both a soothing environment as well as the ideal backdrop for colour contrasting with brighter fittings in the room (e.g., red curtains). Alternatively, you could take a more uniform approach with a white bed and other white or even light silver/light grey fittings. Light silver and light grey are good options if you want to add the slightest amount of contrast.

Gentle Green

A light to medium minty green is another very, very relaxing tone. Neutral bedding and decor are the perfect match for gentle green walls to create a room that personifies tranquillity. Imagine yourself in a yoga pose on a mat in the middle of your mint green bedroom taking in deep breaths as a light rain decorates the window panes.

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Soft Grey Tones

Another soft colour similar to classic white would be a soft, light grey. Soft grey can make a bedroom feel airer and bigger. Using reclaimed wood is a wonderful way to complement the light grey walls. It’s desirable to use tones of white and light grey throughout much of the room otherwise such as with the bedding. Greyish-white carpeting would also be a soothing fit.

Ice Blue

If you’d like to consider something a bit more daring, consider somewhat bright light- to mid-blue walls along with a range of blue and soft green fittings throughout the room. For some, these colours including walls that are somewhat bright will not achieve the relaxing state desired whereas for others it will work. It ultimately depends on your preferences but bright colours are recognized for their ability to improve a person’s mood.

Creamy Calm

A yellowy cream is a wonderful neutral tone to establish a feeling of warmth and cosiness. Adding timber throughout a cream-toned bedroom is a great way of enhancing the look and calmness of the bedroom. We recommend considering wood tones, dark tones like navy or tree green or alternative neutral colours.

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Soft Black

Painting a darker tone on your wall can create a relaxing, cocooning sensation. To create a relaxed environment with black walls, it’s ideal to add a range of brown and black fittings such as a brown lampshade or a bed with a black bed frame. Light and contrasting bedding such as those tinted grey, white or even creamy yellow can complete the look.



Final Thoughts

The right paint colour for you to create a relaxing bedroom will depend on your preferences. However, the eight colours we’ve discussed today are all splendid choices worth a closer look. Of course, the right paint colour is just one element of making a bedroom soothing. Choosing the right fittings and bedding (especially in terms of their colour) and how they complement/work with the wall colours is important too.


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