Jun 30, 2020

OUTDOOR TIPS | Cool Patio Decor ideas to try this summer

What makes a great looking patio?

The best patios have little to do with size, a pool or their exquisite views. Nonetheless, they have a strong linking bond with the interior spaces, a theme and design features to showcase the love that has gone into their making. So here are some cool patio decor ideas that you too can employ to give your outdoor space the love it deserves.


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Cool Patio Decor ideas to try this summer


Create a wall of plants / Cool Patio decor ideas

This is great way to add a design feature using plants, especially if your patio has a small surface area. In effect, it creates an accent feature with a strong impact that can go as high as you please. The trick is to choose low maintenance greenery in order to keep up with it.


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Create a “bonding” style / Cool Patio decor ideas

If you have a Scandinavian style interior, then it does not make much sense to go all Moroccan for your outdoor space. As obvious as this may sound too many people get carried away and treat an outdoor space differently. 

However, always keep in mind that the best decorating output results when you aim for a seamless look in terms of style; and style is dictated by the materials, décor pieces, and color palette. Therefore, if possible use flooring in the same tone for both indoors and outdoors. Supposing you have contemporary furnishings indoors go with contemporary outdoors too.

Stay true to your indoor style.


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Go organic / Cool Patio décor ideas

No matter what your decorating style is, you will never go wrong with the infusion of organic elements i.e. wicker and rattan. And this does not pertain to boho-inspired style themes only. Even if you opt for aluminum frame minimal outdoor furniture for a super sleek contemporary look, you can always add i.e. a cedar slat screen for privacy and that organic vibe.

Clearly my point is that, going organic is not about piling on rattan décor pieces alone. It is more about using wood and/or clay pottery perhaps and some ceramics too. It’s about returning to nature for inspiration. Mediterranean-styled gardens have this nailed and long-established, mainly because they are true to surviving traditions. 




Go vintage / Cool Patio décor ideas

Here’s another idea to think of:  a dark stain wood vintage daybed filled with decorative cushions surrounded by an arching blooming bougainvillea! Can you picture it?! Doesn’t sound like you? No worries. 

Be as it may be, pieces with a story to tell have a timeless charm. Hence, I have this little “rule” where I introduce at least one vintage piece in a patio design for that eclectic vibe. An antique lantern, a sculptural vase, or iron vintage chairs are all pieces that you can never go wrong with. Evidently, in many cases such pieces are great conversation starters too just like a piece of garden sculpture; very much of a win-win situation if you ask me.




More is more

When it comes to lights and pillows, then usually more is more. For instance, use fairy lights to create a canopy over your conversation pit. Furthermore, outdoor table lamps are a fabulous way to accentuate your space. Or simply place lanterns behind and between plants to up-light them for that cozy feeling of soft lingering light. Actually though, a combination of all of the above may be the best deal of all. Still start with the basics and add on to your lighting scheme bit by bit as your patio evolves.

Likewise, pillows are probably the most necessary décor piece to have. Place them on a modular sectional sofa, or that Mediterranean-vibe daybed of yours, or simply pile them on the floor. One way or the other, pillows are the ultimate way to introduce color, pattern, texture and a sense of comfort.  


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Outdoor rugs as expected will dress up your space. However, your plants will also add on plenty of pattern and texture, so it’s important to maintain a sense of balance. Thus, you can easily opt for an outdoor rug in bright colors, as long as you don’t have other paved pattern tiling that will “fight” against it. 

In other words, decide on one statement design feature and stick with it. If you don’t like your flooring, then go for that outdoor rug. If on the other hand, your patio has a paved in slab design, then an outdoor rug may not be the best fit. In every case, don’t go overboard with too many ongoing patterns or else your patio won’t feel serene and harmonious.

Furthermore, if an outdoor rug is not your cup of tea, then you can always resort to a tablecloth. Believe it or not, tablecloths are my favorite way of dressing up a table outdoors and the best mood setters for al fresco dining. Sadly, I don’t think they have been given enough credit.

Lastly, you may want to consider adding some shear voiles in the perimeter of your pergola (should you have one). This is an easy way to create a sense of privacy and coziness but with an irresistible flow.


best patio decor ideas, outdoor design trends, garden patio decor, bohemian patio




It is official! There are numerous ways to create that perfect patio design by using several outdoor lighting sources, lots of pillows, vintage décor pieces, garden sculptures, organic materials and textiles. Thus, adopt and adapt elements of your indoor decorating style and bring them outdoors. This is the best approach for a pleasing aesthetic that will never fail you.


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best patio decor ideas, outdoor design trends, garden patio decor,

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