Nov 21, 2018

Top projects from the Design Academy Eindhoven Graduation Show 2018

Back from the Dutch Design Week in Eindhoven,  I start by telling you about my favourite location, the DAE. Design Academy Eindhoven is one of the most influential design schools in the world and The Graduation Show is the most visited exhibit at DDW, besides being a great place where to look for interesting and new design ideas. I love visiting The Graduation Show because it is like enjoying a travel among the most creatives (and sometimes weird) inventions, a place really filled with creativity and everytime it is a must-see in Eindhoven.

This year the show was hosted in a new location, outside from the city center and from the Design Academy building, in the Campina site. Enjoy my selection of new designs from the Design Academy Graduation Show 2018.


||| From the past years:


12 innovative projects from Design Academy Eindhoven

dutch design week 2018

1 | Grafeiophobia: unexpected office by Geoffrey Pascal 


ph Iris Rijskamp


Did you ever think that office furniture is quite boring? Geoffrey Pascal gave a totally new interpretation of office furniture with the Grafeiophobia series. This furniture collection is designed for those who can’t stay sit at a desk and recreate laid-back postures similar to those one adopts in bed.

2 | Suelo Orfebre by Simon Ballen


ph Femke Rijerman

These collection of glass vases was created by Simon Ballen with jagua, a polluting waste product from the gold mining industry which is usually poured into the rivers in Colombia. The designer also joined the local glass blowers to produce a series of objects using different elements found in the surrounding environment as molds.

3 |  Ornament Now by Erika Emerén


ph Ronald Smits


Ornament Now is a series of vases by are made by Erika Emerén which applies a technique typically used for decorating Swedish Spettekaka cakes, but here cake mixture is replaced with clay. The result is really unique and it gives a new interpretation of traditional Swedish design, by challenging its minimalistic approach with new shapes.

4 | Paper pulp printer by Beer Holthuis 


Ph Iris Rijskamp


Beer holthuis created the world’s first 3D printer that uses paper pulp instead of plastic. Every year we waste an amounts of around 80 kg of paper per person, and this could be recycled thanks to this machine just by adding to the paper some natural binder to create the paper pulp.

5 | Eclissi Solare by Arjan Das


Ph Iris Rijskamp


Eclissi Solare’ is an autonomous light installation simulating a solar ecliptic effect, recreating the intense experience of a solar eclipse in a beautiful lighting product.

6 | Underneath a Surface by Kita Keus


ph Iris Rijskamp


Kita Keus experiments with linoleum, a precious and versatile material on floors which is perfect for a wide variety of applications. She found a new use for old printing blocks that were
originally used for colouring the linoleum once dry, using them to embosses the soft sheets and creating beautiful structures and perforated patterns are formed.

7 | The production of fadigue by Lea Mazy


Ph Nicole Marnati


Another interesting study on patterns os the work by Lea Mazy:  making use of the fading quality of a printer as its ink cartridges run low, she explores how fatigue in machines could positively challenge the standards of mass production by creating new beautiful patterns.

8 | MOCA by Carla Joachim & Jordan Morineau



 Carla Joachim and Jordan Morineau with the MOCA ceramics series explore textures, open structures and patterns that you can create with a custom-made dripping machine. This new machine drips liquid porcelain through a nozzle with a diameter that can be changed, creating new decorations on ceramics.

9 | Elements of Construction by Willem van Hooff


Ph Iris Rijskamp


This new furniture series by Willem van Hooff gives a new interpretation of reinforced concrete by bringing the metal grid to the surface, giving it a complementary aesthetic function.

10 | Tension Collection by Matthieu Muller

Ph Ronald Smits


The collection comprising a mirror, a desk lamp and a pencil case created by using elastic bands for connecting and holding parts together. ‘Tension’ by Matthieu Muller uses the tension in silicone elastic to connect the parts of the stainless steel mirror, the Plexiglas and brass desk lamp and the anodized aluminium pencil case.

11 | Double Sided by Anna Ballmann



Anna Ballmann creates a tableware series that can be used onboth sides for extra flexibility in presenting different foods: by using the form of both the top and bottom of a dish, she creates two presentation surfaces where there is usually only one.

12 | Grace of Glaze by Simone Doesburg


Ph Femke Rijerman


Grace of Glaze by Simone Doesburg is a beautiful series of porcelain exploring how tinted clay and semi-transparent glazes work together to create different hues, by considering the colour in an earlier phase of ceramic creation. With three colours of clay and 25 glazes, Simone Doesburg explores 75 variations but the possibilities are endless.

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