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The biggest Design Trends for this year from the A’Design Award 2018 Winners

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I always love to browse the winning projects of A’Design Award because they are independent projects and they are really selected come from all over the world, so they give us a very broad vision of how is the design today. Starting from the list of this year’s winners, I’m sharing today five trends that are really current now in design and that we will certainly big design trends for 2019 too.

You can find out the complete list of A’Design Award winners here

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Mi piace sempre vedere anche quali sono stati i progetti vincitori di A’Design Award perchè sono progetti indipendenti e provenienti davvero da tutto il mondo, e ci danno quindi una visione molto ampia del design oggi e delle sue novità. Proprio partendo dalla lista dei vincitori di quest’anno, vi propongo oggi cinque tematiche che sono davvero attuali nel design e che ritroveremo di sicuro anche tutto il prossimo anno.  

Potete scoprire la lista completa dei vincitori di A’Design Award qui

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design trend 2019 #1 – 3D Print Trend

Thanks to the latest technologies, 3D print is having this year a really big moment and looks like there is still a lot to be explored.

In Milan Design Week this year there even was even an house completed 3d printed on site, did you know this?

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Print to Build Furniture Joint by Gellert Olle

Read more about the project here

Silhouette Collection Vase by Libero Rutilo

Read more about the project here


design trend 2019 #2 – Zero Waste

Starting from the food-related area,  the zero-waste philosophy is really becoming the sales model of these years.

Hopefully, new generations are very much into this way of thinking than the older generations

and the trend is here to stay.

Stay Sixty Refillable Drinks Bottle by Two Create Studio

Read more about the project here

Omdesign 2016 Sustainable packaging by Omdesign

Read more about the project here



design trend 2019 #3 – healthy living

While in the last years design was mainly about minimalism and decluttering, now the focus is towards the concept of healthy living.

This means allowing space to individualism, to comfort, to things which make us feel good.

Meditation Seat Ware Seat Ware by Gao Fenglin

Read more about the project here

Cocoon Lounge Chair by Tim Kwok

Read more about the project here

Color Lights Decorative screen by Zhang Chen

Read more about the project here


design trend 2019 #4 – organic

 Did you notice how shapes in design became much more organic in the last year?

Designers draw inspiration from the shapes of nature, and thanks to the latest tecnologies

the research about shapes can be pushed beyond usual limits

Ora Shower panel by Vladimir Polikarpov

Read more about the project here

Little Bo Flower vase by Santiago Bautista

Read more about the project here


design trend 2019 #5 – nomadic

Design must necessarily respond to the demands of a way of life which has radically changed in recent years.

On the one hand, the world of work has become less stable, forcing people to become extremely flexible.

On the other hand, moving have become simpler, cheaper and the distances have been reduced.

Lynko Freestanding Modular System Nomadic modular freestanding system by Natalia Geci

Read more about the project here

1:2 Chair by Yahe Zhang

Read more about the project here