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The biggest Design Trends for 2020 as seen at the A’Design Award

design trends 2020, a design award winners

A great way for spotting which may be the latest innovations and trends in the design is to follow the design awards and to have a look at the winning projects.

I always love, for example, to browse in the winning projects of A’Design Award to find interesting news. In fact, the projects are all updated, independent and they come from all over the world, so they can give a very broad vision of how is the design today. Starting from the list of this year’s winners of A’Design Award, I’m sharing today the top design news that are really current now in design and that we will certainly big design trends for 2020 too.

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You can find out the complete list of A’Design Award winners here

Un modo per restare sempre aggiornati sulle ultime novità nel mondo del design è quello di seguire gli award dedicati proprio al design, nonché curiosare tra i progetti vincenti.

Mi piace sempre ad esempio scorrere la lista dei progetti vincitori di A’Design Award per trovare novità interessanti, che magari altrimenti non avrei notato. La lista viene aggiornata ogni anno con nuovi progetti, indipendenti e provenienti davvero da tutto il mondo, dando quindi una panoramica molto ampia del mondo del design ad oggi. Proprio partendo dalla lista dei vincitori di A’Design Award di quest’anno vi propongo una selezione di argomenti su cui riflettere, che saranno di sicuro delle grandi tendenze per il design anche durante il prossimo anno.  

Potete consultare la lista completa dei vincitori di A’Design Award qui

A’Design Award: Additional info

The A’Design Award is the international prize open to all designers, in all different industries. The award is organized into 100 different categories, in order to put together all the design industries : discover all the categories here.

A’Design Award is also one of the most recognized design awards at present. If you are a designer, you still have some days to apply as deadline for submission is February 28. You can apply at this link.

A’Design Award: Alcune informazioni in più

A’Design Award è il premio internazionale aperto a tutti i designer. Il contest è organizzato in 100 diverse categorie, al fine di dare spazio a tutti i diversi aspetti del mondo del design :scopri tutte le categorie qui.

A’Design Award è uno dei premi di design più autorevoli ad oggi.Se sei un designer, hai ancora qualche giorno di tempo per candidarti all’edizione di quest’anno. Tempo fino al 28 Febbraio: puoi iscriverti a questo link.


Discover the latest Trends and News on Interiors and Design Now

design trend 2020 #1 – Multifunctional

People constantly research for furniture which can adapt to the changes of their lives and to small spaces. Multifunctional design ensure the maximisation of space, hence now it is one of the major trends we are seeing in the industry. It is also a good reason for designers to explore new interesting shapes, objects, materials, which can work by offering different functions.

I was also talking about this in the report of interior trends 2020 as seen at the imm cologne fair.



Spot Multifunctional Sofa by Vinicius Lopes and Gabriela Kuniyoshi

Read more about the project here

Yosegi Multifunctional Stool by Yoshiaki Ito

Read more about the project here

Guftaguu Adaptive Seating by Raza Zahid Atelier

Read more about the project here


design trend 2020 #2 – Handcrafted

Traditional woodworking methods, weaving, handcrafted ceramics: together with the superfast growing of technology, we are all re-discovering the value of handmade. Actually, this is a real reaction to technology which we are all – even if maybe in an unconscious dimension – feeling now. In the design as well this reaction is manifesting into many new interesting projects that explore traditional handcrafted technologies.



Iconic Cloud Chair Rocking Chair by Pia Weinberg – Maison Deux

Read more about the project here

Canela Armchair by Renata Gutierrez and James Rowland

Read more about the project here

Savana Armchair by Tiago Curioni

Read more about the project here

design trend 2020 #3 – Softness

Texture, tactility, softness, are some of the key features of design now. This is basically the reply to the digital age we live in, because we need to surround ourselves with surfaces that can boost our senses. Textiles, carpets, curtains, natural and soft material make our houses more livable.

|| read more about this on this report from Dezeen  


Joseph Felt Chair Seating by Lothar Windels

Read more about the project here

Image Sofa by Zhenyi Chen and Jian Chen – Wuyi University

Read more about the project here

Felt stone rug Runner by Martina Schuhmann

Read more about the project here

design trend 2020 #4 – 3D Print Trend

Thanks to the latest technologies, 3D print is having this year a really big moment and looks like there is still a lot to be explored. In Milan Design Week last year there even was even an house completed 3d printed on site, did you know this?

|| Read more about 3d printed houses technology in this post


Print to Build Furniture Joint by Gellert Olle

Read more about the project here

Silhouette Collection Vase by Libero Rutilo

Read more about the project here


design trend 2019 #5 – Zero Waste

Starting from the food-related area,  the zero-waste philosophy is really becoming the sales model of these years. Hopefully, new generations are very much into this way of thinking than the older generations and the trend is here to stay.

|| To learn more about this, I invite to follow our new column Re-think Re-design Re-purpose dedicated to circular design.


Stay Sixty Refillable Drinks Bottle by Two Create Studio

Read more about the project here

Omdesign 2016 Sustainable packaging by Omdesign

Read more about the project here



design trend 2019 #6 – healthy living

While in the last years design was mainly about minimalism and decluttering, now the focus is towards the concept of healthy living.

This means allowing space to individualism, to comfort, to things which make us feel good.



Meditation Seat Ware Seat Ware by Gao Fenglin

Read more about the project here

Cocoon Lounge Chair by Tim Kwok

Read more about the project here

Color Lights Decorative screen by Zhang Chen

Read more about the project here


design trend 2019 #7 – organic

 Did you notice how shapes in design became much more organic in the last year?

Designers draw inspiration from the shapes of nature, and thanks to the latest tecnologies

the research about shapes can be pushed beyond usual limits


Ora Shower panel by Vladimir Polikarpov

Read more about the project here

Little Bo Flower vase by Santiago Bautista

Read more about the project here


design trend 2019 #8 – nomadic

Design must necessarily respond to the demands of a way of life which has radically changed in recent years.

On the one hand, the world of work has become less stable, forcing people to become extremely flexible.

On the other hand, moving have become simpler, cheaper and the distances have been reduced.


Lynko Freestanding Modular System Nomadic modular freestanding system by Natalia Geci

Read more about the project here

1:2 Chair by Yahe Zhang

Read more about the project here


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