Feb 17, 2021

THE BIGGEST FURNITURE DESIGN TRENDS FOR 2021 as seen at the the A’Design Award

A great way for spotting which may be the latest innovations and trends in the design is to follow the design awards and to have a look at the winning projects.

After exploring the top furniture trends 2021 in this post, I selected today 10 creative furniture designs from the A’Design Award winners to give further examples about them.

The A’Design Award is the international prize open to all designers, in all different industries. The award is organized into 100 different categories, in order to put together all the design industries : discover all the categories here.

A’Design Award is also one of the most recognized design awards at present. If you are a designer, you still have a few days to apply for the 2020/2021 edition. You can apply at this link.



10 Top 2021 Furniture Design Trends

from the 2019/2020 A’ Design Awards Winners


biggest furniture design trends 2021, a design award winners


Trend #1

The Rise of Vintage 

Haleiwa Chair by Melissa Mae Tan



Trend #2

Slaying the Symmetry

Cilindro Desk by Miguel Arruda



Furniture Trend #3

It’s the Glass Age!

Time Book Bookend by Yi Tong



Trend #4

Neutral is the New Normal

Brise Table Furniture Plus Fan by Wonho Lee




Nature is Ahead of the Curve

Dhyan Chaise Lounge Concept Chaise Lounge Concept by Sasank Gopinathan




Subtle is Snappy

Nina & Beni Chair by Andres Marino Maza




Attention to the Details

Talento Unlimited Cabinet by Edoardo Colzani



Statement Pieces are Working Their Way Up

Float Pendant Lamp by Kinknot




Culture Matters

Classic New Chinese Style by Wei Jingye and Wang Ziyu



Furniture Trend #10

Comfort over luxury 

Cloud Chair by Shota Urasaki





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