Oct 18, 2018

DESIGN TRAVELS | A dose of Bali Bliss

Do yourself a favor and book a ticket to Bali.

It’s that easy. No need to stress about the long haul flight, the balmy air of Bali will soothe any sorrow as soon as the plane’s doors open.

Think of an oasis of peaceful temples and rolling rice paddocks. Think of all-nighters at beach raves. Or imagine yourself lounging by the pool – sipping mango juice – after a long day lost in a maze of busy market streets. Add the sweet scent of incense, frangipani, exhaust pipes and Nasi-Goreng to the mix and you’d have Bali.

It’s a destination that suits the most indecisive traveler. But if you are after something specific, it is important to research your areas before going. No one would want to fly in for a romantic honeymoon and end up in party capital (or vice-versa).


A warung serving food in the middle of the rice fields
Blissfull retreats
Exploring the streets by motorbike

We were in Bali for 5 days only and wanted the full package.

We ended up in Canggu, a village on the southwestern shore of the island. Canggu is where the Balinese serenity meets Cali-cool. It’s way more laid back than the neighboring towns of Seminyak and Kuta. Canggu is a bohemian dream made of wholesome cafes, boutiques, barefooted babes, endless sunsets, surf and beach clubs. Dogs and humans of all ages roam about the place wild and free, peacefully co-existing.



The Vassani Stay guesthouse became our home away from home. The designer accommodation is a leisurely walk away from the beach, right in the centre of the village. It’s a blissfully relaxing environment. Our room features double ceilings, thatch roofing and polished-concrete floors: the typical elements of Bali’s contemporary architecture. (Yes folks, tropical brutalism is a thing).

When we weren’t swimming in the pool, surfing or sipping coconut water, we would jump on our scooter. We’d zip through rice fields to other tiny towns. We would ride past the many warungs, wood-carving workshops, locals walking to the temples. Our eyes were always full and so were our bellies.


Vassani Stay

I’m already planning my next visit. After all, that delicious Nasi-Goreng won’t eat itself.

Sanur beach
Sunsets by the equator are absolutely glorious

All photos  © Benedetta Martini

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