Jan 11, 2018

What do you know about Brazilian Interiors?

It is not so easy these days for me to get used again to cold temperatures! I’m stepping then back today for a while to Brazil with a selection of some amazing Brazilian interiors. 

Brazil is not just green forests and white beaches. In fact, this beautiful Country has also a very interesting generation of designers and architects.

The projects I’m showing you today are all winning designs from the A’Design Award, the world’s largest annual juried design competition. The award was founded in 2009 with the aim to recognise and promote international design projects from all the Countries, in 110 different design categories.

You can register for the A Design Award here

What is the World Design Ranking 

I did my research about Brazilian interiors very easily thanks to the World Design Rankings.

WDR ranks all the Countries based on the number of designers that have been granted with the A’ Design Award. Indeed, it is a very exhaustive list of projects divided by Countries. For this reason, I’m currently using the World Design Rankings to discover new projects and interesting designers to follow. In the World Design Rankings you can browse projects listed by Countries and designers, or also by Countries and design categories.

It is also one of my favorite sources for the blog, together with other interesting sources I listed in this post about sources for interior bloggers.

Something about Brazilian Interior Style

Generally talking, Brazilian style home interiors have some features in common. Indeed, we can find the use of raw concrete and expressed structures, heritage of the brutalist style; monumental spaces and heights; blurring of inside and outside, with lots of local wood and greenery. The use of color is also quite different from ours, with a trend towards bright and bold color hues.

Enjoy my selection of Brazilian homes today on the blog.

Limantos Residence

by Fernanda Marques


The design of this residence built in an area of steep slope in San Paolo refers to the rationalist architecture of Mies van der Rohe on the slopes of Montjuïc. The design is inspired by the same dynamic integration based on the use of glass and the same desire for permanent fusion with the landscape.

Tetris Residential House

by Marcio Kogan & studiomk27



The project is located in Sao Paulo. The wooden Box on the lot shelters on the inside, the washroom, the stairs and the dining room, which opens entirely to the ample garden in the back, like an esplanad. The ceiling of this living room is a slatted wooden lining. This finish creates a cozy, intimate sensation, contrasting with the spatial sensation of larger monumentality of the lot.

Campeche Beach House Summer Penthouse

by Juliana Pippi


What makes the design special and unique in this project is the use of many natural elements like wood, bamboo, bricks and cement. All in a more rustic state in counterpoint with very sophisticated design items. All unattached furniture is signed by great designers and brands.

Bossa Nova Residential Apartment

by David Guerra


This project is located in Sao Sebastiao das Aguas Claras. It was created for an interior design exhibition, inspired in the needs of an executive traveller. The interior should be a functional serviced apartment, but also an elegant and audacious space. To make the interior cozy, inspiration was drawn by the contrasts of nature, giving emphasis to the mixture of textures and colors.

Pocket House Residential

by Cristina Menezes


The project is located in Belo Horizonte and it is a house within a standard 40-foot container. It is a sustainable architecture with mobility. Construction was only installation, without waste and faster. For the feeling of confinement, due to the small width, the side walls of the steel container were removed to insert the glass doors. This helped the ventilation and lighting, gave a beautiful view of the garden and brought nature indoors.

Vila Leopoldina Loft

by Diego Revollo

Located in Sao Paulo, Brazil, this 70 square meters loft belongs to an young musical and advertisements actor. His modern lifestyle reflects the concept of an integrated loft, whose social and intimate areas are separated only by a curtain, which also refers to a theatrical scene. For the whole structure of the apartment it was chosen a single material, burnt cement, which covers floor, walls and ceiling. It was added to this neutral structure an unusual mix of shades of burgundy, lilac, purple and yellow. Burnt cement is also one of the trendiest wall finishes for this year we saw in the last post.

|| Have a look here for more inspiration about Pantone 2018 ultra violet interiors

Tempo House Residential House

by Gisele Taranto Arquitetura


The project is located in Rio de Janeiro. The interior is a complete refurbishment of a 1500 sq meters colonial house in 2 blocks. The first inspiration for the project was the site itself, because it is full of exotic trees and plants (original landscape plan by the famous landscape architect Burle Marx). Indeed, the main goal turned to integrate the exterior garden with the interior spaces, by opening big windows and doors and bringing that extraordinary scene into the house. Further, since the client is an art collector, the house interior works as a neutral background to valorize the art pieces. Just like it would be in an art gallery.

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