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TRAVEL TIPS | Tisserand Dakar, a taste of Africa for design lovers

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Still digesting the bold and hypnotic patterns of the colorful African wax textiles?

Still wondering if dazzling prints of animals or everyday items, such as telephones or bags,  would really fit into your sober and newly redone total beige living room?

Don’t worry, I am about to take you into a totally different atmosphere, made of neutral tones, sober nuances, regular and soothing motives. Quite the opposite of the audacious waxes, but still, and incredibly, belonging to the same West African cultural heritage.


A neutral atmosphere 



Today,  let me introduce you to Tisserand Dakar, my latest shopping addiction here in Dakar, a unique brand of refined handmade home décor and personal accessories. Started by the talented Nawal Merabet and Hourria Sammari, this is a one of a kind décor concept where ancient traditions and artisan savoir faire meet design, style and modernity.

In the heart of Mamelles, one of the most dynamic, and lively neighborhood of Dakar, their bijou shop (also hosting IMADI, another notable local brand of handcrafts) will immediately transmit you good vibes.  The external facade and entryway already – dark toned and tasteful – will catch your eyes and make you blink twice, wondering if you are truly in Dakar or rather in a stylish shopping Avenue. Inside, their charcoal walls and soft lights contrast elegantly with their collections, wisely showcased. Among their cushions, blankets, throws and poufs you just feel like you want to stay and relax with a cup of tea and good book on your lap.  


Tisserand facade and entrance ;  Inside the boutique



Tisserand is a french word meaning weaver: most of their creations come in fact from pagnes tissés, handwoven fabrics on traditional looms from the Manjac tribes of Southern Senegal and Northern Guinea. These textiles are incredible and not just for their richness, variety, texture and exquisite patterns but also because producing them requires exceptional skills and patience, talents that the Manjac people have been so proudly preserving for generations.


 Handwoven fabric from Manjac tribes by Aissa Dione 


Tisserand’s creations incorporate also another kind of fabric, equally representative of West Africa: the bogolan, a handmade Malian cotton dyed with fermented mud. Bogolans, or simply mud cloths, are increasingly in demand and I am sure you have seen them on many Pinterests interior boards lately, crafted into stylish pillows and cushions.


Bogolan pillows



Pagnes tissès and bogolans are paired, with taste and great attention to detail, with other natural materials such as linen, cotton, wood and leather to be transformed into even more stunning home décor items and personal accessories.

Just take a look at their beautiful cushions, throws, table mats and runners; and what about their collection of accessories: tote bags, purses and scarfs.


buy african inspired decor, italianbark interior design blog, ethnic chic interior style,


Pillows and throws – Table runner – Scarves and purses  


Not to mention their signature lamp and bench, both become soon a must among ethno chic style lovers.


Tisserand’s signature lamp and bench 


At Tisserand Dakar you will also find other beautiful artisanal and ethnic décor crafts either made locally or imported from other African countries: baskets made in Senegal by IMADI, Tonga baskets from Zimbabwe, Juju hats from Cameroon.

buy african inspired decor, italianbark interior design blog, ethnic chic interior style,

Senegalese baskets – Tonga baskets  



Another reason why I love Tisserand is the noble philosophy behind. They are not simply selling handmade crafts – although today is increasingly rare to find real and authentic hand made decorations.  By employing several artisans, Tisserand Dakar helps sustaining the livelihoods of many local families, impacting their lives and contributing to boost the local economy; also, they help to preserve ancient traditions that could be replaced by industrial machineries.


Now tell me… how can you just not fall in love with Tisserand Dakar?



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