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Lime, pastels and copper interior colour palette

I love this colour combination I’ve found on TheDesignTabloid. Lime colour together with copper is something really original to see, but I think the final effect is lovely together with soft pastel colours like light pink, natural wood, light violet and white/grey. I’ve just talked a few time ago about…

ikea socker, ikea greenhouse, ikea socker greenhouse
Ikea Socker greenhouse

I’m so happy about something I’ve recently bought from Ikea! It’s an ikea greenhouse, part of the Socker collection and it’s a small greenhouse, perfect for those who do not have much space nor a garden to grow their own plants. Socker greenhouse can be used both for plants with their…

a saturday and a honey Venice

No I didn’t get married (and even if, my honeymoon will definetely not be here in Venice!), I just want to share something new I’ve seen last Saturday in venice…I feel so lucky I live near a place full of art and architecture, where you can always find something new…

10+ things about myself… Liebster Award part 1

A Liebster Award is given by one blogger to another blogger whose work you like, Liebster comes from the German word for favourite or beloved.And I’m so happy that the nomination arrived from an UK blog that I really like, NyLon Living… thanks Shobha for nominating Italian Bark among your…

A Denim chair upcycled from the Seventies

I like upcycling pieces of furniture and home objects, but actually the problem is I never have the time for doing this!!…Two years ago, I moved to my new (and empty!) home, so I’ve started to think about revamping old furniture instead of buying something new.…

Breathing Wall | Electrolux Design Lab

Today I’ve discovered something which I would definitely use in my office. You know those stressed days when you have a big delivery to finish, working till late in the night and you feel like you want to be anywhere else instead of there? Sometimes I feel I should take…

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Playful Pastel Palette | Italian Bark colour palettes

Thanks to BODIE and FOU for this beautiful image. I love the three different shades of pastels (soft salmon, light green, azure) put together with the greys and brown… the whole effect is very soft, peaceful and playful. * Grazie a BODIE and FOU per questa bellissima immagine. Amo le…

Amsterdam shortguide, preparing for MeettheBlogger

Hello…while I’m preparing myself to leave for Amsterdam (I will attend the MeetTheBlogger conference…can’t wait for that!!!), I had a look on the net for some good info sources about the city, its shops, best places to visit, and so on…I’ve been in Amsterdam just once (maybe 7? years ago)…

*Liguria* Le Cinque Terre

Hello! I’m so happy to share with you some photos from the amazing places I’m visiting during this summer holidays in Liguria…really Cinque Terre will be listed among the most beautiful places I’ve ever seen! Sometimes I dream about travelling to the other side of the earth and I forget…

Chiuso per ferie * Have a nice summer holiday !

Finally…summer holidays are here…left (really swiftly!) the office and packed everything, I’m staying in Italy, some days in the fresh air of Dolomites, some days in Liguria beaches, some days here in the country. Maybe I’m posting a little bit less…sorry, for sure I’m posting soemthing less, but thks to…