Jul 11, 2018

Choosing the perfect wardrobe for a minimalist bedroom design

Wardrobe design for a perfect minimalist style bedroom


Are you one of those – like me – who, when they see a beautiful image on Pinterest of a super minimalist bedroom, think: but where they will store all their clothes? Or between those – like me – who love minimalist design, but same time they just cannot make a radical decluttering of their wardrobe?

This is the article for you.

The trick to not give up with the less is more philosophy in furnishing, while at the same time do not give up with your creative outfits, is in choosing the right wardrobe, or in studying a smart corner for an open wardrobe.



Wardrobe design for a perfect minimalist style bedroom

My Paradissi via

#1 The walk-in closet

Wardrobe design for a perfect minimalist style bedroom


More and more often new homes are designed by providing a small room, or a corner, to be used as a walk-in closet. The benefit is to set the bedroom free from clothes, accessories and stuff, plus to have all your clothes within sight.

However, if you dream about a walk-in closet, it is not essential to have a large bedroom space. With a smart layout for example you can create it behind the bed, by placing the bed in the middle of the room. Or you could also buy a walk-in closet system then closing it with a curtain.

In any case, it is essential to purchase an equipped tailored system, designed according to your needs and to the available space.


Logica by Tomasella is highly customizable by choosing all the internal components according to your needs 


Smart open wardrobe idea via

#2 The minimalist wardrobe

Wardrobe design for a perfect minimalist style bedroom

The second option is to choose the right wardrobe for a minimalist design bedroom.

Yes but…what elements shall we have to consider to avoid mistakes?

No doubt, what makes the difference on visual terms is the design of the doors. Whether they are sliding or swinging, in fact, it is precisely the door design that defines the wardrobe style…and there are so many types are available on the market. You will never be wrong with smooth doors or with small geometric inserts that act as a handles, like in these wardrobes:



Liscia Leaf Door / Anta Battente Liscia


 Denver Swing Door / Anta Scorrevole Denver


Tablet Swing Door / Anta Scorrevole Tablet


Gola Swing Door / Anta Gola Scorrevole


Tricks & Details

Beyond the doors design, there are other small details that can make the difference. 

First, the overall dimensions: the sliding door does not require space for opening, however a sliding door wardrobe is more than a few centimeters thicker than a swing door one. With a basic leaf door you can also hide the mirrors inside the wardrobe, also it will be easier to make custom solutions based on the available width.

Finally, there are some tricks that will make the difference on the final effect. With a plasterboard work you can create a built-in wardrobe, where you can also place the lights for example. Also, by painting the doors in same hue as the walls you will get for sure a super-refined and minimalist effect.

Because here details make the difference!



/ Wardrobe design for a perfect minimalist style bedroom

Gola Leaf Door / Anta Gola Battente


All wardrobe images by Italian furniture brand Gruppo Tomasella

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