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INTERIOR TIPS | How to Make Ping Pong Ball Lights, for Xmas and more

A guestpost by LED world


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For a fun, creative way to brighten up a room, why not try these simple DIY ping pong lights? They’re ideal for hanging on an inside or wall or illuminating an outside space like a patio or gazebo.

These lights create a warm glow and can instantly transform a room, and better yet, you can finally put those extra Christmas lights to good use.

Before taking a look at my easy step by step guide, here are a few pointers before you get started:

What sort of lights can I use?

You can use any LED lights which don’t get hot. So if you have any extra Christmas lights lying around, just check that all the bulbs are functioning and that they stay cool to the touch. As for white or multicolored, it’s really up to you. I chose white ones as I like the atmosphere they create in my living room, but coloured lights would also look great on a terrace or balcony.

Remember they will both look white when the bulbs are off as there will be no light shining through the ping pong balls.


How many ping pong balls will I need to create a diy light garland?

That depends on the length of your LED strand. Some a shorter and have about 20 bulbs, whilst longer ones tend to have around 100. If you’re wondering where to get your hands on 100 ping pong balls at a good price, Amazon is usually the best place to look.

I recommend buying a few extra than you actually need, as ping pong balls break easily and are in the habit of rolling away into hard to reach places, never to be seen again…

Outdoor decorating

If you like the idea of using ping pong ball lights to decorate an outdoor space, just make sure your LEDs are rated for outdoor use. To make the lights watertight in case it rains, you can use a silicone sealer around the entrance of the bulb to avoid any water or dirt getting in.

I choose silicone over glue as it’s much easier to remove (you might need to replace a bulb every now and then). To do this, just peel the silicone off with a nail or some tweezers. If you use glue instead, try twisting the balls if you need access to a bulb.


Use them anywhere!

These lights are so versatile you can use them to decorate almost any space you can think of. Around a birthday cake, draped over a food table, hanging in a tree, or to add a special touch at a wedding venue.

You can always use battery operated lights if you want to use them somewhere without an accessible socket.

diy light garland for xmas and more

diy light garland | Things you’ll need:

  • Strand of LEDs
  • Ping pong balls
  • Precision knife
  • Silicone sealer (optional

diy light garland | How to do it:

Step 1

Using a precision knife, cut an X shape into each ping pong ball. You can use an empty egg carton to hold the balls in place to avoid slipping and injuring your hand.

Step 2

Push each LED bulb through the X you’ve made in the ball. Make sure the light fits right inside the ball so it stays secure, but not so far that the bulb touches the inside.

Step 3

To secure the balls in place or make them watertight for outdoor use, add a little silicone sealer around the bulb socket and cover the X. Allow the lights to dry on a flat surface before you handle them again.

Step 4

Hang your lights up, plug them in, and enjoy the decorative touch you’ve added to your room. You can also go the extra mile and hang something from the LED wire, such as wildflowers.

||| About the Author

Callum is the co-owner (with his brother) of LED World – they are an Australian based lighting design firm who specialize in Track Lighting.