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Christmas Gift Ideas for Fans of Minimalist Home Decor

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Homeware makes fantastic gifts. Everyone needs, and uses items like bedspreads, towels, cushions, tableware, kitchenware and other items that are used in a home. After all, even someone, who lives in a rented room, needs bedding, towels and kitchenware.

However, people whose homes are decorated in a minimalist style can be tricky to buy gifts for. If you are not a fan of the look yourself, working out what they may like can be difficult. To help you I have put together a few ideas and pointers that should help you to find something they will like, and will want to keep.

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minimalist christmas gift ideas

Homey Oh My

Even fans of the minimalist look use stuff

The first thing to say is that just because the kitchen of your friend looks bereft of accessories does not mean that they do not own as many utensils and kitchen gadgets as you do. All it means is that most of it is hidden away. As a result, they will still appreciate receiving a gift of the latest kitchen widget or gadget. Just remember to buy it in a light, neutral colour, if possible.


Linen and bedding

For fans of the Scandinavian look, gifts of linen or bedding sets are a particularly good idea. When they show you around their home try to make a mental note of the colour scheme they have used in their bedrooms and bathrooms, and buy accordingly.  If you do this and buy plain designs, you should end up giving them a gift that they will like and want to keep.


french by design


People who live in contemporary homes that are decorated in a minimalist style are always looking for clever storage solutions. To keep their homes looking good, they need to be able to put everything away. So, if you see a clever new storage gadget or widget consider buying it for them.


coco lapine design


If you know that your friend or family member likes a particular designer, check to see if they sell a range of ornaments. You can then either buy them a nice item or get them a gift voucher, so that they can choose their own.



Decorating vouchers

Keeping a minimalist home looking good requires constant maintenance. Walls have to be regularly repainted to keep them looking pristine, so those who have decorated in a contemporary way are constantly in an out of the paint shop. If you know where they buy the majority of their decorating materials, consider buying them a voucher for that retailer, or paint brand.


modern and classy

Cleaning gifts

Now, I know this is an odd one, but it is actually quite a good suggestion. To get the look right a minimalist home needs to be kept spotlessly clean, so any gadget that makes it easier for the homeowner to do this will make a welcome gift. For example, a steamer, power washer, or even a special mop and bucket that makes it easier to clean the floors can work.

* Collaborative post by Earlene *