Jun 19, 2020

COLOR OF THE MONTH | Nude Color Trend with Seashell White – full

To follow the rainbow of colours on the scene in May, this month – we seek a single colour in the form of seashell, to embrace the current nude color trend in interiors and design. 


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Nude Color Trend in Interiors and Design



Even the word sounds simply sublime. Just as seashell sounds: it speaks of delicate tranquillity that softly echoes the sea – a gentle whisper of a shade. An off-white colour ‘Seashell is a variation of white and resembles some of the very pale pinkish tones that are common in seashells.

Seashell provides a soft wash of colour – think white with a touch of sun kissed peach and a hint of pink; reminiscent of the warm glow of sunset on the beach where empty shells wash up on sandy shores.

Little treasures from the deep, did you know that shells were once used as currency?  Money is a considered a universal need, even in the earliest days of human history. Trade utilised rare and precious metals including gold or silver and cowry shells were also a lucrative form of money. Shells were a great form of money – uniform shells of high quality were hard to come by and these shells were durable. 


Shell Beach Western Australia


Looking for the ultimate shell destination? There’s a beach located in Western Australia known as Shell Beach, this place is popular because it is home to billions of tiny coquina bivalve shells (deposited over 4,000 years ago) which fill up the entire stretch. The result is a sixty-kilometre long snow-white beach covered in shells, lapped by an aqua blue sea. Now that does sound dreamy! 


Cockles on  Shell Beach, Western Australia vi

Shell Beach vi

Nude Color Trend in Interiors and Design


Generally recognized shades of white Via 


Hex Seashell color: 


Linen closely related to seashell: 


Similar colours to Seashell:



Shutterstock Gradient with Bizarre, Grey, Seashell, White color  





SourceAnthropologie  / Urban Outfitters / @bauwerkcolour /  @vanillapalmdesigns  /  via / @iamfy 


Via / via  / via / via / via @bauwerkcolour, home @georgia_ezra  / source  

Nude Color Trend in Interiors and Design



See a sway towards neutral colours and shades, warm, natural, earthy and barely noticeable including nude. Seashell is soft, subtle and possibly a new nude. We can see a trend direction towards warmer shades

“We’re seeing a much more tonal palette coming through this year” and “Grounded is a perfect example.

“It has a soft, neutral feel that creates a sense of relaxation” says Andrea Lucena-Orr, Dulux colour and communications manager.

Neutrals are soft and sophisticated, with a gently faded feel that speaks of stillness and calm, says Andrea. She mentions how ‘the bold colour contrasts of previous years have made way for subtle layering of natural hues. Depth is added through texture and materiality.’ Also, ‘Neutral doesn’t have to be plain,’ say Dulux ‘a few handcrafted pieces add a touch of sentiment and personality.’  


Source – Via – Dulux 


Stylist Bree Leach adds warmth to this child’s bedroom courtesy of a biscuity, putty-like clay colour Dulux ‘Pancake Mix.’ Part of the paint brand’s palettes identified in the 2020 Dulux Colour Forecast,Essence’ the palette combines warm biscuit tones derived from nature. 

To embrace this trend at home, you can try the Monochrome neutral look. Strip things back to neutral paint colours. This trend is all about layering and painting your woodwork, walls, skirting boards and doors in similar shades to create a restful and harmonious colour scheme, say Dulux. 

Seashell is light and airy and works with (dusty) blues, (shell) pinks, greens and natural tones, textures and materials – beautiful with both pale blonde wood or darker wood shades.

Scroll and be inspired by the Seashell White Color trend


Viavia / via / source / @cottagebythecoast  / via / source    


@holeintheworldstudio, @thegardengateflowerco / via @elledecoration_nl  / Earthbornpaints / @elysiantheory_ / @ananboppapierpeint / @eporta via @story.1st

Below @dropitmod / @ausnuance via @secretlivesofcolour /@coxandcox / via 

Via @elledecorationuk / @jovian.lim, @clippingsdesign via @secretlivesofcolour / @the_stables / Dulux 

Via  @clippingsdesign 

Below @claybrookstudio / @publicedition / via @maison_de_base / via @jorgebibiloni_studio

@maggiemillerinteriors / @nikijoneshome / via my scandinavian home  / via 

@publicedition /@jorgebibiloni_studio 

Via / @elysiantheory_ / @serajwright / Ph @chrisnumber8,@worldneedsmorespiralstaircases 

Ocean-themed restaurant by Alexander & Co and Tribe Studio via dezeen / source  / via 

Via / via  

Seashell color palette via / Carrier shell color palette via 





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