Dec 2, 2019

HOME TOUR | Color block decor from Barcelona

Be inspired by these beautiful color painting design ideas from our latest home tour in Barcelona


Are you looking for some new ideas to decorate your home with color?

Today we are sharing with you a really inspiring home tour, we recently discovered thanks to Yellowtrace. I love how the interior has been decorated thanks to a beautiful choice of colors on walls and ceilings.

Designed by studio CaSA , the project is a budget-friendly renovation of an apartment which was damaged by a fire. Jump below to discover more about the interior design.




Color painting design ideas from Barcelona: the home tour

The existing interior had a messy patchwork of five different tiles on the floor, because of past renovations. The architects decided then to decorate with color block to give more order to the interior space. They started by choosing a beautiful pumpkin orange to highlight the central area of the apartment with a vibrant band that goes up on floor, wall, ceiling and furniture.

The color block decoration goes then also in the other rooms of the house, this time with lighter colors. In fact, the designers chose to match the strong orange with soft hues of nude, green and grey. The color painting was given on horizontal bands and on the ceilings too, adding depth and interest to the space.

In addition to this, the beautiful tiled floors and art-nouveau decorative elements for sure help to make this space unique.

Enjoy the photo gallery!


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Images CaSA via Photography by Roberto Ruiz

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