Sep 16, 2021

COLOR TRENDS | New color of the Year 2022 according to Dulux

Color Trends 2023 : New color of the Year according to Dulux


Be inspired by the new color of the year from Dulux + Sikkens, Bright Skies™ – a soft light blue, an airy and fresh tone that opens up and breathes new life into any space.

|| Color of the Year 2022 : New color trends starting from Pantone 2021


This fresh new color is inspired by open skies and a breath of fresh air. Over the past 18 months, our lives have been turned upside down, especially we spent lots of time inside homes, so Bright Skies™ expresses the lightness and optimism we all need now.

In interiors this soft blue is also the perfect color to revitalize home in a creative way, to bring a bit of the nature inside and to experiment.

This new color for 2022 actually perfectly matches our present color of this month – another light blue, brighter blue also inspired by blue skies: Maya Blue. However, the two colors are really different: Bright Skies™ is a soft and pastel color, Maya blue is a bold and bright one.

Which colour do you prefer? Are you more into pastel like colors or into more bright and bold ones? My feeling is that we are going more towards bright ones – let’s see.

Be inspired! 

Bright Skies


Maya Blue



Bright Skies
Maya Blue


Bright Skies
Maya Blue


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