Feb 14, 2023

COLOR TRENDS | This 5 colours will be everywhere this year

Exploring more about color trends 2023 with the top colours for the home decor


As I was sharing in the last post about the top decorating trends spotted at Maison et Objet, it is pretty clear that this year and most likely 2024 will be defined by a maximalist and colourful approach to interior design.

After years where monochrome, black and white, and then warm neutrals have been a must – looks like many designers are embracing more colourful solutions. In fashion the trend is called the dopamine style – a trend finds an explanation in the moment we are living – after a pandemic and in an economic recession, people always looks for easy ways to boost the mood and bring in some joy.

In this post I’m sharing five new color trends I’ve noticed for 2023, other than of course all the colours I already listed in the Trendbook | Colour Trends 2023 you can find at this link.

The post is written in collaboration with egoitaliano, an Italian brand of super colourful sofas and furniture. If you are looking to add some dopamine colors in your home I recommend you to check them!


“The purest and most thoughtful minds are those which love color the most.” ― John Ruskin, The Stones of Venice

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Color Trends 2023 for the home

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Color Trend 2023 /1 

Acid green


Greens have been on top of the most loved colours for the home in the last years because of their obvious link with nature. While softer greens such as sage an olive are still on trends a one of the most common choices now for kitchens, there are some new and brighter greens on the horizon.

Bright Kelly green was already in my list after the Milan Salone 2022 – today I’m adding also acid green, as I’m noticing a trend to go towards greens that contains some yellow inside. Perfect for example if paired with magenta, the colour of this year according to Pantone ( see next ).




Color Trend 2023 /2 

Viva Magenta

A mix between the fuchsia and the Chinese red colors, magenta is going to have for sure a big moment this year thanks to the Pantone colour of the year Viva Magenta. This crimson red  has been chosen as Pantone 2023 because of its strangeness and exuberance – it’s also the strongest colour existing in nature, that is the typical red of cochineal.

Perfect for self-expressing and defining a clear statement with colour, magenta works great with jewel tones such as deep greens and blues.


Bebop sofa, egoitaliano
Bebop sofa, egoitaliano




Color Trend 2023 /3 

Cobalt blue

My favorite color is anyways this bold blue – called cobalt blue. A dazzling blue shade which is lighter than navy blue, but much darker if compared to sky blue. Very similar to the International Klein Blue, it’s the perfect color for those who want to try some bolder hues but at the same time choosing a kind of traditional color.

This blue works perfectly together witty warm neutrals because of the contrast it creates with them, for example with terracotta and orange ochre. To spice it up, match it together with barbie pink or even neon pink.


Yuki armchair, egoitaliano
Yuki armchair, egoitaliano




Color Trend 2023 /2 


Listed among the colour trends 23/24 by WGSN+Coloro, I bet apricot will become the new terracotta. Like orange color, apricot is also associated with vitamin C and healthiness, but being paler and lighter it also evokes soothing and fresher feelings. Like terracotta, it can also work as a neutral – by adding at the same time a brighter and warmer touch.

This color works well in very different palettes. For example, it’s great together with neutrals, warm browns and organic textures, to have a relaxing and soft decoration. It’s also great if used in juxtaposition with bold primary colors and neon colors, for a contemporary palette inspired by the trends of the younger generation.


Charles sofa, egoitaliano
Charles sofa, egoitaliano




Colour Trends 2024 /5 

Electric violet

Last but not least, I’m predicting a huge comeback of purple, especially the brighter and bolder one – electric violet. Purple is a kind of magic color – since it is between red and blue, it is known for the combination of red’s power and blue’s stability. The color purple also symbolizes many things – such as independence and dignity, but also royalty and luxury.

Purple isn’t common in nature, so that’s why this color also have a kind of mystery behind it. It’s often the favorite color of those with a very strong personality, who hate being “similar” to others and want to express their own tastes. Its softer version – Lilac – is already a key color trend, especially on TikTok and on Gen Z interiors.


Suni armchair, egoitaliano
Suni armchair, egoitaliano


All images Depositphotos + egoitaliano


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