Apr 25, 2023

COLOR TRENDS 2024 | Apricot is the new Terracotta

If you are looking for an update on the color trends for interiors for the next year, these series of “Color Trends 2024” posts are created for you.

Today we explore more about beautiful apricot.

More orange than peach but lighter than orange, it’s a warm pastel color perfect for the spring season. 

Apricot color trend 2024

Color codes

hex #FBAC82 / web safe hex #ffcc99

related names: pastel orange, light apricot, Italian apricot

Pantone: Apricot Wash  14-1230 TPG / 1555 C / 1565 U

About Apricot orange

The name apricot derives from the Arabic al-birquq through Byzantine Greek berikokkia from Latin malum praecoquum – early ripening fruit. The Latin Prunus armeniacum is a reference to an early believed origin in Armenia, which is one of the places where these trees are wild. ( SpringerLink )

Apricot as a color is a type of orange, conveying feelings of energy, activity and warmth, but in a softer way. In fact, in color psychology it can be associated with some benefits of the orange color. A happy and enthusiastic color, perfect for encouraging emotional stress in depressing times –  so it’s easy to understand why orange has been a top color trend since the 2020.  

Like orange color, apricot is also associated with vitamin C and healthiness,but being paler and lighter it also evokes soothing and fresher feelings.

Nadya Spetnitskaya via Unsplash



Orange: other Facts and inspirations


Orange is often a choice for youth brands, especially for those who target kids – actually, pastel orange is one of the most popular kids brands now. In fact, this color is a gender-neutral perfect color to be used in nurseries and clothes for babies, an alternative to other gender-neutral colors such as yellows and greens. 


As a blend of yellow and red, orange is often associated with the happiness of yellow and the vibrancy of red. This equates to meanings of sunshine, joy, heat, warmth, success, fun, balance, freedom, and fascination. Naturally offering the comforting glow of summer, pastel orange can make designs more engaging and colorful at the same time.


Yassine Khalfalli via Unsplash


Apricot Crush is also the Colour of the year 2024 according to WGSN+Coloro

we unveil our restorative, refreshing and energetic hue, which is perfect as we grapple with a range of emotions and uneasiness about the future. Cultivating a hopeful and positive mindset has become a powerful coping mechanism for consumers. Care, connection and community underpin our Colour of the Year, which also calls to mind the nutritional properties of vitamin- and antioxidant-rich oranges and apricots

A soft, warm color to pair easily with neutrals and suitable for textiles, glass, bath and bedroom products. Its playful side makes it perfect also for beauty products, skincare and hair colour. Versatile and gender-inclusive, great for occasionwear, loungewear, activewear and outerwear.


How to decorate with Apricot

color trends 2024 / Coloro Colour of the year 2024


This color works well in very different palettes. For example, it’s great together with neutrals, warm browns and organic textures, to have a relaxing and soft decoration. It’s also great if used in juxtaposition with bold primary colors and neon colors, for a contemporary palette inspired by the new generations.

You can also try it in place of terracotta, for a lighter and fresh update to that color trend.

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