Jul 12, 2023

COLOR TRENDS | Color Palette 01 to decorate home this year

Welcome to our summer series of posts dedicated to Color Trends for Interiors to decorate now,

featuring 03 palettes from the Trendbook : Color Trends 2023 – which is the book about current color trends, published in June 2022.

If you wish to know more about next year’s trends and color palettes, you can find all the info about the new Trendbook : Color Trends 2024 here.


Color Trends for Interiors

Inspired by the vast desert landscapes, this palette is designed to bring positive feelings and reminiscences of vacation and summertime.

A sunny and bright palette made of white combined with earth-inspired colors, such as ochre and tan brown.

A new interpretation of the bohemian style with a more contemporary twist, obtained by replacing bright and bold colors with neutral shades, together with layers of textures.

Match white and earthy tones with materials derived from the earth – such as terracotta and Moroccan-inspired ceramics, but also the dry and sculptural woods typical of desert environments.

Moodboard | Bolia, Kelly Wearstler + Morgan Peck, KaveHome, Aesop, LRNCE, Carla Cascales, Mikaela Lancaster, IngieParis

Interior Inspo | sol Collection, Sarah Ellison


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