Jul 26, 2023

COLOR TRENDS | Color Palette 03 to decorate home this year

Welcome to our summer series of posts dedicated to Color Trends for Interiors to decorate now,

featuring 03 palettes from the Trendbook : Color Trends 2023 – which is the book about current color trends, published in June 2022.

If you wish to know more about next year’s trends and color palettes, you can find all the info about the new Trendbook : Color Trends 2024 here.


Color Trends for Interiors

Inspired by raw and imperfect aesthetics, this palette is designed to create neutral, transforming, fluid spaces.

A gender-neutral palette made of raw and desaturated colors, that can be defined as the “new neutral colors”.

Key colors of this palette are mauve, olive green and xanadu, combined with concrete gray, in all its different variations.

A theme inspired by the wabi sabi philosophy, by a raw aesthetic of beautiful imperfection.

Moodboard | Bicci De Medici, Apparatus x CC Tapis, the propdispensary, Natalie Weinberger, Kave Home, Aesop, Isoko

Interior Inspo | Lilian Von Trapp shop, interior designer Domenic Degner – ph Piet Albert Goethals


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Want to know about 2024 Color Trends?

The new Trendbook “COLOR TRENDS 2024”  is for you

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