Oct 26, 2023

COLOR TRENDS | Trending Color Palettes for interiors by Sikkens

Be inspired by the new color of the year from Sikkens, Sweet Embrace™ – a delicate, neutral, soft and comforting color and by the three trending color palettes developed for our homes.

|| Color of the Year 2023 : Wild Wonder


Research shows that people want to create their own ‘special somewhere’ in their homes.  They want welcoming, calming surroundings where they can feel they fit in and belong.

To reflect this, Sweet Embrace™ and its three complementary palettes bring a sense of constancy, tranquility and friendliness to our living and working environments. The delicate shade changes tone with the light, filling every space with warmth. It’s a subtle, sophisticated stand-alone hue that also adds life and personality to other shades.

Discover all the three trending color palettes in this post. 




Palette 1 – Warm Colors

Color Trends 2024 by Sikkens


Inspired by global earth tones – this color palette reminds you of home, somewhere you can create a nest-like space in which to feel snug and comfortable. It combines shades of stone, soil and clay, offering safety and security.



Palette 2 – Calm Colors

Color Trends 2024 by Sikkens


Inspired by natural stones – evoking thoughts of nature and the essence of life, this color palette brings together the soft greens and blues of the woods and sea. Its tones help clear the mind, bringing peace and an appreciation of the importance of simple things.



Palette 3 – Uplifting Colors

Trending Color Palettes 2024


Modern pastel tones: the dreamy lilacs and modern yellows of this color palette bring a smile to the face and promote feelings of positivity. Its hues hint at new possibilities and moments of light-hearted joy.




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