by Elisabetta Rizzato

In the last ten years, ITALIANBARK has shared globally about what is next in interiors and design, inspiring design professionals and brands in they work, product development and researches.

If you are a brand or a professional looking for custom consulting about what is next in interiors and design, our trend services are designed for you.


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Hello! I’m Elisabetta and, besides being an interior architect, I’m a color&trend consultant.

That means: 

👉I help brands &pro in the interior design and related industries to create more profitable products/offers based on the research of current and future trends. 

👉I inform them about what will be relevant in the seasons/years to come, what trends will last and what are just passing, so that they can make wiser choices and create products that sell more – because they will meet customers’ tastes and needs.

👉I also help brands and professionals understand the trends and apply them in a mindful way, to be always consistent with their own identity and values. This is to me the most important point, as I strongly believe that just “following trends” is a non-sense and it’s actually the contrary of what I do.

How do I do this?

My work is made of:

🔍research through fairs, events, websites, magazines, social media, surveys, work with colleagues 

🔍 filter what is really relevant in our industry but also new and innovative

🔍creation if materials that brands&pro can use as a direction for their product and collection developments, but also for their marketing communication.

Such as:

📌trend researches the form of ebooks, about macro and micro trends

📌trend reports and market researches

📌branding concepts

📌moodboards and visual storytelling

📌color palettes and specifications

📌webinars and workshops

This work is also shared in parts in the blog, in my Instagram, profile and in my digital resources that are published on italianbark.lab

I would be happy to provide my services to you. Please contact me via e-mail at to know more