Jun 3, 2020

SHOP IT | A Rainbow Home to Weather the Storm

From runways to interior collections, the rainbow colour trend has been rooting deeply into the design world.

The post-recession minimalism and overall uncertainty of the modern world gave birth to an insatiable thirst for colour and vibrancy in furniture and decor

The rainbow motif has been dominating nursery and kids’ room design and offering the full spectrum of possibilities and emotions to play with. From small commitments like rainbow throw pillows and DIY art and decor, and all the way to the entire rooms awashed with an upbeat colour spectrum, the kids’ rooms have been a cradle of positivity and bliss for years. But rainbows are not just for kids!



In joyless times people are starting to think more about the ways in which they could make their home environment feel more welcoming and uplifting. We seek an antidote to the news and turmoil we are facing daily, so we can be able to stand strong enough to recognise (and accept) our feelings and needs.

The rainbow brings everything together. Both our highs and our lows. It is there to show us that the beauty of life is in the full spectrum. It serves as a reminder that after the storm comes sunshine and we should better be prepared for the fiesta of life that will inevitably unfold!

To add an extra burst of positivity and innocence to everyday life, open up your heart to colour and playfulness. A colourful home can be both sophisticated and buoyant. It can promote feelings of ease and optimism, while at the same time looking attractively cohesive and collected. 

|| Be inspired: Post-covid Design Trend #3 Playful Thinking


With this mood board I wanted to show how elegant and modern a rainbow-inspired home can be. It is endlessly chic and eclectic in rejecting the seriousness and limitations of the common interior colour schemes.

It’s palatable and lighthearted enough to cheer the spirits while still pampering even the most refined tastes.

Would you give your home a colourful treatment?




Colourful Furniture Design

to weather the storm with positivity and joy

/ Moodboard

Mood board made with SampleBoard software


Colourful Furniture Design

to weather the storm with positivity and joy

/ Shop Online

  1. Artwork by Hayley Sheldon, Uprise art | different price ranges
  2. Pillar Candle, HAY | approx 39 euros
  3. The Cocktail pendant, Hakola | approx 1490 euros
  4. Insight Dessert Plate, Anthropology | approx 17 euros
  5. The Big Sun Mug, Takeawei | price upon request
  6. Frida Kahlo Portrait, Etsy | approx 20 euros
  7. Lea Velvet Sofa-bed, West Wing Now | approx 755 euros
  8. Screen by Ronan & Erwan Bouroullec for Glas Italia, Rayures | price upon request
  9. Stella Round Throw Pillow, Urban Outfitters | approx 35 euros
  10.  Acrylic Study Graphic Side Tables, Nort Studio | price upon request
  11. Sam Son armchair, Konstantin Grcic | price upon request
  12. Cube Dusty Blue, Ikon Kobenhavn | approx 1060 euros
  13. Han-Tufted Millie Rug, Anthropologie | approx 355 euros
  14. Ceramic Vase, Roger Herman | price upon request
  15. Stoneware Plant Pot with Green and White Deckchair Stripes, Maisons du Monde | approx 25 euros
  16. Table Lamp, Gioia | approx 390 euros



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