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Colours of summer (aqua, mint, lime & peach), my moodboard of the month

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summer moodboard - pastel colours- tactile moodboard- italianbark

July, it’s time for another month and for another moodboard…I’m actually starting to taking fun doing this, if you are someone as I am who spends many hours in front of a (…..) pc is very relaxing and liberating to take just few hours a month off and scraping&pasting things with your hands!I’m not so good in DIY things, but something I’ve always loved is to collect things and inspirations (I started my blog last year for this reason, you know…!) and I still read lot of paper magazines besides than websites and blogs…
as I told you in my first post of the Moodboard of the Month series, I was so inspired once back from The Hive and by Gudy’s lesson from Ecletic Trends that I’ve decided doing this, and I will try to keep on doing tactile moodboards every first days of the Month.
This is also a different way to show you what the next Sundays Interior Trends posts will be about, not just a collection of my fav images, as every month as usual I choose one interior style/colour and develop it in two poasts, one with samples&inspirations and the other with home shopping advices.
And what else to choose if not something about colours of summer for this period of the year?

summer moodboard: aqua, mint, by italianbark

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I’ve started to think of which one is my summer colour palette, and actually I was quite sure since from the beginning that it’s composed by two colours as a start:
aqua + mint.
Do you see that picture with the quote? Is where I’ve started with this, that sentence makes me happy just by reading it and makes me think that’s this one is really my fav season of the year 🙂

summer moodboard - pastel colours- tactile moodboard- italianbark
summer moodboard - pastel colours- tactile moodboard- italianbark
 mint italianbark

just a very quick associations of ideas an a cold Mojito was there in my mind, to makes me feel that it’s REALLY summertime.
What’s missing? Just some lime, that in my imagination is one of those colour shades you can hazard in summertime or nevermore..

summer moodboard - pastel colours- tactile moodboard- italianbark

But there still was something missed in my composition.
Maybe something warmer to balance the very cold and refreshing colours I’ve chosen?
…. Just thinking back to my Mojito 🙂 what’s next thing I think immediately about?
A seaside at sunset, so warm colours as well…Here we are with peach (and maybe just a point of coral, the colour of my nails right now ;)),
a very warm but fresh colour at the same time, and I’ve always loved it when used together with mint, absolutely one of my fav colours.
I love also the combination of this first colour, I’ve found also some cool marble-like material samples in these shades, how many uses can you imagine with them?

summer moodboard - pastel colours- tactile moodboard- italianbark

summer moodboard 4

Finally, I obviously couldn’t past things on the sand
so I took a big panel of natural wood with a colour similar to light sand, and that’s it,
my colours of summer moodboard is ready 🙂
See you next week with a collection of interior inspirations in this special colour palette,
hope you like it as I do!

*Enjoy your weekend*

All images by ©italianbark