Jul 20, 2021

SHOP IT | Contemporary Minimalist living room decor in ivory white

Shop the look of this contemporary minimalist living room decor in ivory white

featuring a collector, trendsetter-worthy aesthetic.


Gone are the days when minimalist interiors praised the absence of colour and things in a space.

New Minimalism  is not about having less, but celebrating the items, materials, texture, furniture and art we choose to embrace by planning the space where there will be no distractions from what truly matters. It is no longer about having less, but about gathering the elements of substance that speak to us on a human level and feed the soul with messages of dignity and grace. 

By prioritising the atmosphere, contemporary modernists keep the colour palette low-key, featuring mostly off-whites with warm undertones – like antique ivory white, seashell white and warm grey, and juxtaposing them to black or even some baked, earthy accents.

What makes antique white so intriguing (and increasingly popular) is its power to infuse the clean-lined minimalist rooms with extraordinary elegance. Antique ivory white creates a warm, sophisticated atmosphere that feels collected and layered over time, making it less prone to slipping into the stark, digitalised mood.




Antique white furniture and decor for a new minimalist living room design


This antique white mood board is all about bringing together collector eclecticism in a minimalist living room decor. 

The Camaleonda modular sofa by Mario Bellini, a rediscovered icon of Italian ‘70s design, sits in the center of the layout as a fine example of our today’s trend story – rigorous minimalist geometry softened by the roundness of the padding and the potential for flexibility of the layout. 

Another vintage designer catch of the day is the Serge Mouille Three-arm Casquette ceiling lamp, teamed with the contemporary Profana floor lamp by Pedro Paulo Venzon. In the form of the table, more black accents continue the story of simple, geometrically pure forms and visual lightness (borrowed from the Bauhaus), providing a beautiful pop against the overall soft, round and textural space. 

Regardless of all the vintage finds, what makes this space so modern is the trendy Perugia mirror. This fun, eclectic piece mirrors the Instagram-worthy aesthetic obsession of the younger generation of European artists, as well as the ones with an eye for a modern design that look up to them.

Perhaps a bit posh, but absolutely fabulous, isn’t it?


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A Contemporary minimalist living room decor in

Antique white / Moodboard



A Contemporary minimalist living room decor in

Antique white / Shop online


  1. Soap tiles by Sebastian Herkner, Kaufman Keramik | price upon request
  2. Besta open cane cabinet, Fronteriors | approx 900 euros
  3. Organically shaped bowl, Ercole Barovier | approx 385 euros
  4. Three-armed adjustable ceiling light with ‘Casquette’ shades by Atelier Serge Mouille for Galerie Steph Simon, Phillips | approx 23000 euros
  5. Perugia Mirror, Vaughan | price upon request
  6. Annalouisa curtains, IKEA | approx 24 euros
  7. Camaleonda by Mario Bellini, B&B Italia | price upon request
  8. Profana by Pedro Paulo-Venzon, Matter Made | approx 2460 euros
  9. Niels Handmade hooked wool ivory area rug, Perigold | approx 1353 euros
  10. Marble table, Ferm Living | approx 679 euros
  11. Level side table, Ferm Living | approx 215 euros
  12. Harper round ottoman, One Kings Lane | approx 340 euros



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