May 2, 2018

The “Boutique” State: a selection of Tasmania’s most gorgeous stays (Pt.2)

Tasmania, often labeled as Australia’s Natural State, has been building up quite a bit of buzz in recent years… Hold on a minute, you should know this already since we are assuming you have read Pt. 1 of this article. Didn’t you? If you missed out, no worries, you can still do it now!


Country boutique accommodation Tasmania



How many people can say to have slept in a converted 1980’s Antarctic research base in a wonderfully remote plateau in the heart of Tasmania’s World Heritage Area?

Well, a few, since the stunning Thousand Lake Wilderness Lodge has opened its doors to travellers in October 2017. The uniqueness of the natural landscape surrounding the Lodge have in fact attracted plenty of visitors who like to completely immerse themselves in the raw wilderness. Let’s consider though, that the place only counts a few rooms and it is set in an extremely secluded location in a faraway island, so it will still feel pretty exclusive, to say the least.



While outdoor activities might be the main attraction for visitors here (with wildlife spotting, mountain biking and trout fishing among the most popular), it is the structure and its interiors that really define the guests’ experience of the place.

The building, a former training station for the Australian Antarctic Division, was nearly derelict when a local Tasmanian transformed it into a charming eco-lodge and now the black walls and state of the art furniture give it a well-appointed quality, which transforms the vastness of nature extending from the tall windows as a mere reminder of how comfortably luxurious the interiors of the Lodge are.  

The essence of its former days is still quite present though: the owner made a conscious decision to layout the building in a way that focuses on the shared areas and limited facilities in the private spaces, in an effort to recreate those community-like dynamics that very likely took place when it was inhabited by scientists.

 Plus, it is entirely off-grid…AND it makes a great conversation starter.



Sources: Tailored TasmaniaTravel9abc

CAPTAINS REST, Strahan, West Coast 

Country boutique accommodation Tasmania



Chances are that the rustic, mundane beauty of this snug little water front shack have popped up in your Instagram feed a few times before.

Once again, this is the case of a “long-time-neglected-then-gloriously-restored” dwelling, but the character of the place as well as the story behind how the owner turned herself into an inn-keeper in a tiny historical village in the most isolated coast of Tasmania that make this place tale material.  



Sarah Andrews, a passionate seafarer, was crossing the Pacific Ocean on a solo sailing journey to Australia from Mexico, when she was caught in a ravaging storm, which sank her precious boat. Luckily she was rescued, but after that night she decided that it was time to find a safer place that would give her that same feeling of freedom and blissful seclusion that her sailing adventures would offer. After a long search she came across a sale listing of the heritage-listed shack in a local newspaper, and the rest was history.

And while for most people the idea of converting an isolated shack would never eventuate to anything more than a daydream, Sarah made “reading in front of the fire, taking long baths, walking in the forest, swimming, fishing, dreaming, loving for months on end”, a reality, as she delightedly quotes on her website. Sarah didn’t stop there and not only transformed the space into the most delightful, well-curated home, brimming with an evolving collection of art, artifacts, vintage pieces and cosy fabrics from all around the world, but also made the place accessible to us day dreamers by turning into an Inn (thanks Sarah!) with a very appropriate name.



And while some of Tasmania’s most sought-after boutique accommodations are located in some of the most windswept, rugged regions of the state, Captains Rest, with its private jetty and water view from the antique claw footed bathtub, is an oasis of still tranquility made for winding down and enjoying some slow paced quality time.

Website: / also available on Boutique Homes – Read more on Design Sponge 



Source: All credits Sarah Andrews via airbnb

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