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INTERIOR TIPS | A cozy reading corner inspired by African style


As most of the world is fighting against the Covid-19 outbreak, we are all experiencing a new personal dimension where what we considered normal and usual has been completely turned upside down: social behaviors, work habits, family routines, commuting, sport etc. 

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Staying at home, in particular, has never been so meaningful.




A cozy reading corner to enjoy the time at home (and to travel with our imagination)


And with all the burdens that might come with this peculiar confinement, today more than ever it is paramount to perceive our space as a place of calm, an oasis in the middle of this hectic world. And if readjusting our whole place might sounds like a mission impossible right now, let’s at least set aside a special corner for us, a niche just devoted to get rid of stress and negative emotions.

A cozy reading corner is the perfect place for this. A cozy and comfortable zone where to take a deep breath and start dreaming of a different and calmer world, or maybe traveling with our imagination and fantasy thanks to some beautiful books.  

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Soft pillows and a warm blanket, is there a nicer combination for a dream reading corner? credits 


An old comfortable armchair or sofa and a warm plaid are already an excellent starting point but if you like to experiment, there are plenty of nice objects and ornaments to play with. And in case you are a fan of the ethnic style, like me, African craftsmanship spoil us for choice: soft pillows, fluffy blankets and natural fabrics, hand carved coffee tables….

Keep scrolling down and get inspired by these amazing African style reading corners!


#1 How to create a cozy reading corner in African style:  Pillows 


To me, nothing says relax more than a stack of pillows! They are soft, ergonomic, practical and extremely decorative; available in so many sizes and shapes, they can easily adorn and add a soul even to a basic mattress on the floor, recreating an inviting corner where you just want to sink and relax. 

The options of African textiles to  play with are many and include, among others, the colorful wax prints, the simple and sophisticated pagnes tissés, the evergreen mud cloths, the intense indigos and the more geometric and regular Kubas. 


Malian mud cloths are available in so many different patterns and colors that you just want to mix them all! – credits 

Same for the hypnotic colorful wax fabrics – credits  

Kuba cloths are more linear and geometric and make a perfect pair with their matching rug – credits 

Personally, I have found irresistible and very original this indigo bean bag, which would be a perfect reading mate especially in the kids’ room. Credits


#2 How to create a cozy reading corner in African style: Blankets


Curling up in a cozy soft blanket while reading a nice book is one my greatest pleasure! And you don’t need cold winters to enjoy that …just the desire to relax (and to nap a little bit maybe)!

Natural fabrics, like the spun yarns from the Manjac people, are the best to me since they are super soft and kind of fleecy;  the robust indigo cottons, mud cloths and the colorful wax would also serve the purpose; besides, they are extremely gorgeous and will make a great decor on your couch, sofa or chaise longue. 


It is such a pleasure to be wrapped in handwoven fabrics, they are so soft, light and warm at the same time – credits 

Wax fabrics are made with pure light cotton but can be lined with fleece for a warmer effect – credits


#3 How to create a cozy reading corner in African style: Hand carved wooden side tables 


To place your books, mugs, candles or other objects you might like close to you, side tables are super handy in your reading corner.

One of the best options are the Bamileke stools, that come in different sizes, colors and heights to fit in any sort of space you are setting up. Look how amazing is the overall effect when when combined with other great African handcrafts, such as a Yoruba chair: I just love it!


 A beautiful classic African handcraft, Bamileke are so beautiful and versatile!  – source

Bamileke stool + a Yorouba chair, what else? – credits 

Other African wooden stools/tables are also perfect to be placed beside your reading space, like the Senufo ones which could also serve as footrests – credits


What do you think about these solutions, awesome right?

And they are just some ideas! Now let your creativity loose and start creating your dream reading corner!