Apr 8, 2021

HOME TOUR | 6 Super-creative home designs from the Far East

Inspired by the Japanese atmospheres of the sakura pink color trend, we are virtually going to Far-East to explore some super creative home interiors.

From tiny homes obtained from an office, to small colorful and playful apartments, to multi-level house, far-eastern design offer several inspirations in regards to creative solutions for home living.

Be inspired by these homes from Far-East – Japan, China, Singapore, Taiwan and Hong Kong. Which one is your favorite? Share on Instagram by tagging @italianbark


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6 super creative Far-East home interiors




An home interior in Singapore obtained from an office

Studio Wills + Architects has reconfigured an apartment in Singapore to accommodate the studio’s own office and a small home for its founder. The home and office measures 64 square metres and takes over a 30-year-old apartment inside one of Singapore’s public housing blocks. Throughout the day it functions as a workspace, while in the evenings it serves as a home to the studio’s founder. Discover more here


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A trasforming home in Hong Kong

Sim-Plex Design Studio designed this home in Hong Kong to The owner of the apartment is a busy young couple, Eric and Lory. Sim-Plex uses the concept of the Zendo to bring the view of the scenery outside the window into the house. The integrated TV cabinet wall and the wooden floor platform are plain and warm, but yet there were a large number of intelligent devices hidden by.The design is also integrated to the traditional Feng Shui doctrine, to create a spiritual space where tradition and technology, people and scenery are combined. Read more here


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A pastel interior in Beijing

HAO Design took advantage of this apartment’s peaked roof to turn it into a bright and spacious family home, finishing its interiors with a selection of pastel furnishings.The apartment – which measures 116 square-metres – was purchased as an empty shell, with its steeply slanting roof being the only stand-out feature. The bare space was handed over to Taiwan-based studio HAO Design to be transformed into a family home that would suit the client’s “open-ended, unfixed, and flexible” lifestyle. Read more here


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A pink holiday home in Taiwan

Cats’ Pink House is a holiday home in Taiwan designed by KC Design Studio . The home features a very creative interior design with lots of pink, curvy shapes, tailor-made furniture and even a playful room dedicated to cats. Discover more here


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A Japanese house with 16 levels

Designed by Tato Architects, House in Takatsuki is a three-storey building containing 16 different floor levels. The floors gently rise in a spiral, making it easy for people to move up and down the building. There are no staircases – instead residents walk over wooden blocks, shelves and other pieces of furniture to move between the different levels. Discover more here


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A Japanese house with 16 levels

Designed by nestSpace Designs, the Ne_On house is both fun and minimalist, thanks to a beautiful composition of  geometric graphics, subtle lines and curves, together with airy and serene colours. In the Ne-On house, the designers took their inspirations from the second rainbow, with a genuine wish that whether today is good or bad, the sun will shine again after coming home. Discover more here


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