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HOME TOUR | Cycladic Minimalism at its best in Mykonos

One of the best things about living in Greece is the sunsets.

Sure almost everyone has heard of the sunset from Oia’s Caldera in Santorini, but some of my best sunsets are in so many other places around Greece. Yet, I have to admit the Cycladic rough terrain with the white low rise cubic houses spread like a laced embroidery over the cliffs overlooking at a most glorious sun setting in the Aegean Sea is quite an unforgettable experience. It is a good memory to hold on to and something to look forward to even if winter has just begun.

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That is why I want you to join me in a virtual tour to Mykonos.


Cycladic Minimalism in these Mykonos suites

Visiting Mykonos, an island where Cycladic minimalism reigns is a treat. The sea views are stunning. The architecture is immersive. And the light is blinding. A simpler and slower lifestyle is a must.

Although, Cycladic minimalism is almost an outcome of necessity to come to terms with nature, it is still indulging to see how interiors with a Cycladic aesthetic are interpreted nowadays. So many of them have a fresh new uptake, with less traditional elements yet, a very predictable foundation.

This is exactly the case with this summer rental I discovered, Bellou Suites situated in Chora.


About Bellou Suites

It was renovated recently. Quite certainly, the white backdrop continues to be the dominant element. Trowel, a traditional material was still used in the bathrooms, just like in the olden days giving a smooth, grout-free surface but filled with raw energy. Now, the decor and art images found in the rooms are definitely not traditional. They do however have a more pop, fun and funky vibe to them. But that doesn’t throw one off. On the other hand, the colorful bistro chairs in the breakfast area very much traditional, found in almost every old coffee house anywhere in Greece. Their vibrant color though gives them a fresh looking grasp with a more up-to-date feel.

In overall, the furnishing in the rooms is kept minimal. Therefore, the rooms feel breezy and aid the flow of this aesthetic. The bold color accents are counterbalanced by the clean white cuts. The wooden objects are scarce with a rough looking appearance most of the times, just like the great outdoors.




About Cycladic aesthetics

One word that comes to mind when looking at these images is purity. That is one of the most impressive things of Cycladic aesthetics. This is a direct result from de-cluttered spaces that allows for strong contrasts and plenty of negative space. The interplay between rough and smooth textures is surely making it all more interesting. One such example is very evident in the breakfast area again where a smooth built in sitting bench is complimented by rough textured looking colorful pillows. In the end though, the last impression is that of clean lines.

Make no mistake that the Cycladic aesthetic has roots that go back a long time. As a matter of fact they date all the way to the Cycladic period approximately 3200BC, imprinted on the characteristic figurines made at the time. The concept was and still remains so to expose the bare essence of lines, forms, and objects against this blinding light that characterizes these islands. Anything excessive feels out of context. The mandate of this aesthetic calls for simplicity and purity. Gladly, even if new styles of decor elements are introduced into such spaces, the essence of this aesthetic remains intact and that’s what makes it priceless.



home tour | Cycladic minimalism in Mykonos